Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Pizza capers  Generally Friday night is Pizza night in our home.  But not just any old pizza, yummy, healthy, wholesome homemade pizza.

I thought seeing it is such a favorite in our home I would do a super quick blog on this.
I make my own bases in the breadmaker.
Heres my pizza dough recipe...
*400ml of water
* 2 tablespoons of Olive oil
* 2 teaspoons celtic sea salt
*  5 cups of bread flour
*  3 1/2 tsp of yeast

Throw all in the bread maker in that order.  Click on the dough setting.  Wait approx an hour and a half.  Once mixed place the ball of dough onto a floured surface, slice in half.  Roll one half into a round pizza shape.  Place onto pizza tray/stone.
 A tip* Roll the dough slighly larger than the tray.  Then roll the edges into the base around the edge to fit the tray its on.  Doing this creates a 'crust' on your pizza.  It rises nicely at it cooks.

Then let it sit for about half an hour to allow the base to slightly rise and thicken.
Then simply place your topping on.

For the first one I pretty much placed on what I could find in my fridge and pantry...
tomato pizza sauce,
Chopped tomato,
sundried tomatos,
red onion,
Very thinly sliced celery,
smoked shaved ham,
fetta cheese and
grated cheese....

The second one is boring yet my kids favourite (sorry about the side pic).  On this i have...
*pizza sauce
*Shaved smoked ham
* grated cheese

I do a few other toppings but I was thinking that as I cook these pizzas I will blog them.

Not very good pics, but with a bottle of red, a side salad and a new release dvd...These pizza's make Friday nights the best!


Monday, May 21, 2012

My rustic garden

HaPpY MoNdAy all!  I thought I would start the week off with a pretty blog about my new garden spot.  I found this georgouse little bench seat on ebay for a very, very cheap price...and I won! yay!

Isnt it just toooo cute??? It has such a rustic, homely, french farmhouse feel to it.

I had the perferfect spot for it outside my dining room window. I still need to tidy up around this are and I also want hubby to build a wooden screen to hide his 'beer fridge', not exactly somthing i want on display next to my pretty garden.
I had a ton of old terracotta pots and an old cast iron pot dug half way under dirt in the back yard where 'polly' our little chicky used to be.
Here is the result...

Below is One of my most favorite flowers EVER...daisies! Forever timeless and so homely.

an old tin with herbs, with my basil behind...

Little T and miss Mimi helped me, of course to plant.  They even wanted their own little plants that they grew from seed.  The first one is little T's {I just love that he's written 'daisy on his chalky part}...

...and the 2nd is miss Mimi's...
I'll update in a few weeks how they are growing.

 Below, my thriving mint.  It smells devine!

This is the old cast iron pot, growing my Italian parsley...cute huh?

Simply theraputic!  To see flowers and green outside my window with the sun dancing through the leaves gives me a huge smile everyday!

Happiness flutters in the air whilst we rest among the breaths of nature. ~Kelly Sheaffer


Monday, May 7, 2012

Trash Pack container.

This little project is a bit of a lame one.  It is so basic and a little sad looking & quite frankly Im a tad embaressed, however I thought I would share this post as I was happy with my re-use of items and also, my lovely son is happy with the thats good, I guess.

At the moment my little T, {as most 7 year old boys are at the moment}, is obsessed with the trash packs.  He saw in the junk mail, a sale on trash pack trucks and extra little trashies to go along with it.  So he tore it out, pulled apart his money box and worked out if he could afford it.  He was a little off affording it so he worked his little butt off around the home untill he had enough money saved to buy it.  The big day came and he hasnt looked back since.  He was so excited to have his trash pack truck.

Anyway, we had all these little trash cans that didnt fit in the truck so he asked me to find somthing to put them in.  I hunted through my cupboards and found an empty Aldi coffee pod container.  They are metal tins and quite sturdy.  It was perfect. 
I soaked the label off it, cleaned it and then gave it a spray of silver.


A bit of gooey green paint oozing out of it made it look 'bin-like' .  I then carefully painted 'the trash pack' on it.
The end result...


Like I said...a very basic, simple and not-so clever project but Im realy happy I got to re-use and recycle.
What have you done with those little aldi tins you have??  They are so useful.