Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Its a great day for being HAPPY!

My georgouse little neice had her first ever big party on the weekend.  It was all a bit exciting.  The theme was 'happy party'.  Smiles all around.  There were smily face invites.  Smily face cupcakes, smily face balloons.  It was lots of fun.
My sister-in-law organised craft, pass the parcel, treasure hunt, and my favourite (and the kids)...DIY cupcake making.  Yes, thats right, the kids iced their own cupcakes.  This was a huge hit.  I was asked to make the cake for the day so of course it HAD to be a smiley face too.  I asked my neice what colour and she said it must be PINK!  So this is the end result....
She is a 3 year old so everything pretty much is pink at the moment LOL.  It was a very fun day!

2 Peas in a so thankful ♥

At the begining of the year my beautiful daughter, Miss Mimi was chosen to be in the school junior choir.  I am so, so proud of my little chooky.  She used to be such a quiet shy little thing.  As a baby/toddler very shy and would always only want mummy.  She still is a quiet girl, but definlty gaining lots and lots of confidence.  This makes me smile like you wouldnt believe.
Without going into details....myself as a child was raised in a completly disfunctional home.  I had no confidence growing up, no support and pretty much did it on my own for alot of it.  As an adult those little insecurities still plage me in some ways.  That is why I am so completly happy and chuffed that my babies are growing into strong, happy, confident children.  The way they should be.
Last week my Princess had her first school choir concert.  In front of most of the school my beautiful girl stood up there as proud as anything singing her little heart out, so, so beautifuly.
She is a quietly confident little thing as is little Mr. T who is also growing into an amazing little person.  Im so thankful and lucky I have my family.  They are everything I wanted to be as a child and for that I am so happy and thankful they get to be this. 
I love you my babies MWAH!
Please excuse my bad stupid camera decided to play up for me as I started snapping pics...grrrrrrrrr.......This was at the school concert.  Miss Mimi is up on the stage and the band in the front.
The top photo is of Miss Mimi just before went out to the proud of herself.  Big smile I could get off her face ♥.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just WiLd about nuts...

A few weeks back I posted a Blog about a grocery save money.  Well, an old friend of mine, Jenny made a suggestion about using wild soap nuts as a laundry alternative to washing powder.  I wasnt too sure about it so I googled them.
WOW...I was amazed at what these little nuts do as well as the rave reviews about them.  You can use them as a laundry wash AND softner all in one, boil them up as a natural all purpose cleaner, hair/body wash... the uses are many.  So I went off to my trusty Mrs Flanneries and purchased a small bag of these nuts to try them out.
They are a strange looking nut...almost like a macadamia nut.  I wasnt too fussed on the smell of them.  I emailed a lady at 'Wild soap nuts' a company who lives not far away from me that sell these amazing things.  She told me that when you place the soap nuts into the wash they pretty much leave your clothes perfectly clean, with no fragrance just clean fresh clothes...which is fantastic for those with allergies.  Unfortunalty for me, I kinda like the fresh fragrance of towels flapping in the she suggested to place a few small drops of any essential oil in the softner compartment of my washing machine...which I did.  WOW! They came out so soft and clean and smelt like Lavander....
I next boiled up about 500g of these small nuts on the stove top, strained them into a spray bottle and again I added a few drops of essential oil, this time Lemon.  My kitchen was sparkly clean and fresh smelling. Honestly, my stainless steel sink has never shined so much!
I was so amazed at these nuts that I am now a convert.  For just $8 I purchased 100g.  This has lasted me about a months worth of washing (plus my all purpose cleaner).  Not thinks!

In my research I have come to learn...
*These soapnuts are grown wild in forests in the Himalayan foothills, and no chemicals are added at any stage.

*By increasing the demand for soapnuts rather than the wood from the Sapindus mukorossi tree (which has lately been more profitable than soapnuts), you are making the living trees more profitable and thus helping to protect forests.

*Can be used over and over, when they are completely sapped they can be composted.

*Village-friendly practices are employed including fair pay and treatment for workers.

*Soapnuts are completely hypoallergenic, as in, are not likely to agitate or irritate the skin. So gentle they can be used by sufferers of eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions. Also gentle enough to be used for your baby laundry.

*Soapnuts have a lot of soap in them! They can be used over and over until they lose their efficiency or soapiness.

*Soapnuts are not technically nuts, they are berries. Those with nut allergies have nothing to worry about.

*Soapnuts contain NO optical brighteners, foaming agents, bleaches or chlorine. If necessary you can also add environmentally-friendly oxygen bleach.

*Soapnuts have a light, natural scent, not left on clothing when used for washing. We recommend adding a couple drops of essential oils to the cotton bag (or sock) you put your soapnuts in, which will leave a delicate scent of your choice on your laundry. Our organic Eucalyptus essential oil and organic Tea Tree essential oil are both antibacterial and leave your laundry smelling fresh and clean. While Tinderbox Lavender essential oil can be used when washing bed linen to help you relax at night. Our Tinderbox Clove essential oil and Tinderbox Orange essential oil can repel moths and insects if you are washing linen or clothes to be put into storage. The options are only limited by your personal preferences and requirements. Please note that oils can have strong effects on the body, please check with your health professional on which oils are right for you. Some oils are irritating to the skin and unsuitable for sensitive skin and during pregnancy.

I have been raving to everyone about them.  I have now converted my mum, sister in law and another friend of mine, to at least give them a try.

I am amazed that somthing from nature can do so much.  Our creator has thought of everything.  A little nut that foams up and cleans and softens.  I am in the process of searching for the plant.  I would love to grow this plant myself. Im thinking they are 'only' grown wild in forests in the Himalayan foothills...but you never know if they will migrate here one can only hope.

If you havnt given them a it, you will be pleasantly suprised.