Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cardboard houses and coconuts.

As you can see, My kids have been busy over the school holidays.  Our toilet decided to need replacing a couple of weeks agoo and the new toilet came in a great big box...before the new toilet was even out of it, the kids were keen to get into it, as kids do.
This is my lil man getting into the painting for his new 'house'...

Miss Mimi too..they had a ball....

Seriously, who needs money and expensive toys...this beats anything.  We even cut doors and windows into it and they ended up finding another box for the garage and outdoor area (bbq etc) my kids know how to live LOL.

I also have to add, the other day when I dashed into the supermarket, my kids eyes caught site of the hairy coconuts.  They've never had fresh coconut before so Im all for fresh food new experiences.  They were cheap so I popped one into the trolly.  When we got home, Daddy drilled two holes into the top for the milk to pour out...we poured it into a glass, Next he cracked open the whole coconut  and they got to drink the milk out of it like a cup....Hmmmm, I must say (and didnt admit this to the kids LOL) but I wasnt too fussed on the fresh coconut milk...soooooo sweeeeet.
The kids didnt mind it and drank it all up.  Next the flesh of the coconut was cut off they they ate that.
They enjoyed it.  Im not sure they're in a rush for me to buy it again, but it was fun trying somthing new!

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