Thursday, July 29, 2010


Next week my family and I are going away for a weeks holiday to Cooooold Sydney.  We are going away with my sister and her husband and her 2 georgouse kids.
Im so excited.  I cant believe how quick it has come around.  It seems like only yesterday we were 'thinking' about going and here we are preparing to go.
Right now its the smack bang middle of winter and Im preparing for warmth.  We will be alot closer to the snow and it gets pretty chilly this time of year down there.
We decided to fly down.  We were originaly going to drive and have a bit of a road trip however after much discusison wedecided it would  probably be easier to fly...Plus, the last time my kids went on a big plane Miss Mimi was 15 months old and Mr.T was just a jelly bean in my tummy :0)
So we thought it would be fun to fly.
Going with the cousins and aunty and uncle add to the excitment too.
We live on the QLD/NSW border so to drive it is approx. an 8 hour trip.  Once we would have done it in one big hit but now with kids we kinda break it up a little.  So it would be a 2 day trip.
The kids have been on and on and on about "when are we going???" Mr T, being the cute lil' 5 year old he is, thought when I said 2 WEEKS it meant 2 SLEEPS...Um....No!  The poor little guy has been so patient and trying so hard to understand just exactly when it is we are leaving.  It think he's startingto get it LOL.

We will be staying in Cronulla, such a beautiful place. Right on the beach. My sister and her husband lived there before the rug rats arrived. We also have beutiful friend there that we will be spending some time with...OOOOH, Im so excited!!! Im not sure who is more excited, me or the kids LOL.

some pics of Cronulla...

some more of Cronulla beach...

The beautiful walk, not far from where my sister used to live.  She pretty much had this view froim her kitchen window, loungeroom and balcony.  Jelouse Much?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nit Pick!

When my daughter started prep two years ago, it was going well.  She enjoyed it and the year was progressing well.  I noticed she was itching her head alot but never thought anything of it.  One day I casualy thought "I wonder if she has head lice?"  I know this sounds weird but I never remember having nits as a kid and up untill that date neither had my kids.  In I went looking in her masses of locks.  I had no idea what i was looking for as I never had seen a head lice before.
I did happen to see a large 'ant' looking bug in her hair, I picked it out thinking it was jut that.  Anyway, when she went to bed I did a brief google search and asked on a parenting forum about head lice.  It then occured to me....My daughter... HAS NITS!!!!
I didnt panic as I thought I will check her again in the morning to confirm it, mayby she hasnt got them.
Next morning before school I had another good ol' dig through her loooong thick hair. my horror I discovered eggs and quite a few bugs crawling around.
I literally glued her hair to her head with hair gel and got straight to the chemist.  I purchased nice natural healthy hair de-nitter shampoo, combs and spray.  I eagerly sat down that afternoon shampooing, combing, washing and drying...2 and a half hours later, we were done.
A whole week later I did it again as a follow up treatment.  Another 2 and a half hours later. Done!
Anyway, I was very proud of myself for getting ontgo it and being a responsible parent and all.
From that point on it was a never ending battle.  Let me tell you.  For just over a year we battled with this issue.  What started out as a bonding, responsible activity was strating to turn into an irritating, annoying, time consuming problem that I despised.  It was then I understood why people chop their childrens hair off.  Miss Mimi has got the thickest, longest most beautiful hair any child could possably have, hence the reason it took so long to comb and condition and the reason these little blood sucking leeches love her hair.  I was at my wits end.  I had gone from the pretty smelling, natural, soft nit treatment to essential oils to the most potent of chemicals, ...I know, I know...terrible but NOTHING WAS WORKING!  I was gluing her hair to her head for school everyday, washing it every night.  I would pick her hair while I was watching t.v and when I was talking to friends...most of the time without even relising I was doing it....I was becoming obsessed. 

To make it worse Mr T picked them up and so did my husband and I...I never got them at school but now, in my 30's I get them?????  WHAT???
Just when I almost admited defeat and waved my little white flag to the head lice I once again did a complete and thorough search on the net for a solution.  I thought "surely someone else out there has had this problem"  And it turned out I was right.

In one blog I read one lady had tried EVERYTHING including bleeching and cutting off her 7 year old daughters hair....with no luck.  I thought 'eek, thats very drastic...but yeah, I understand'.  Like me she had tried everything, taken advice of everyone and even tried a few of her own techniques.  Nothing worked.
She was so determained to beat the little suckers that she went as far as interviewing chemist, parents and doctors...putting all their advice and she came up with a VERY simple solution to the problem.  I tried her
solution and much to my suprise...very happy suprise, it worked!!  So now, this entire school year none of my kids have had nits, even through the crazy nit season they managed to avoid them.  WooHoo!
So I just have to share this amazing secret with you...such a simple solution.

Use 500ml of listerine.  Any Listerine will do however I gung-hoed it with the original, antiseptic brown one.  Like in the picture.

Next wet your child's hair all over with the listering.  Drench the hair completly.
Next I wrapped their hair in plastic glad warp and outside to play they went for half an hour.
I got my kids to hold their heads over the bath tub.  This prevented it from running down onto their skin.  The excess went down the drain.

Aparently, from what this lady said the menthol in the listering is lethel to lice.

Next, put them in the bath.  With a jug pour in 500ml of vinegar and 300ml of warm water.  Pour this through the hair to wash the lice out.
Using Vinegar to wash it out not only washes out the lice but also dislodges the 'glue' the eggs have so this allows easy removal of the eggs.
When they are out of the bath dry the hair with a hair dryer.
Then, with my daughters hair I used my hair straightner.  I sat down and combed her hair as well as straightened it.
Doing this you are brushing out the dead lice and eggs and the heat of the straighter kills any that are thinking about living on.
I repeated all of this again one week later.  Since then I have had nothing.
Oh, also i must add....I have put listerine in a spray bottle and spray the kids hair before school every morning.
I honestly recomend you give it a go.  If you are at the end of your tether like I was I promise it will work!  Those annoying little pest are a thing of the past...for now!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Our smooshie lil' puppy!

Meet the 5th member of our family...Jonah, or as we commonly refer to him..Jojo, pups, puppy, baby or Joey. He is such a beautiful lil' thang. He's a beautiful 4 year old maltese. We rescued him from the AWL about 18months ago and it was the best thing we ever did.  He truly is apart of our family.  He comes everywhere with us, watches tv with us, sits out the back with us, sleeps with us, goes to the beach/park with us and pretty much comes everywhere and does everything  we can do with a dog.
We LOVE him!
I just adore how he cocks his head to one side when you talk to him, I love how he talks in his sleep...yes, he actually barks, growls and 'talks' in his sleep...Its soooo cute.  I love how he does spins and flips when you put your flip flops on to go out.. just expecting he's going to come too. I thinks its so, so cute when he looks up at us innocently with his underbite, I love when Im waiting for the kids to come out of school and I say their names, he looks for them just knowing where they walk out from and licking them to death when he sees them,  I love how he just loves our family unconditionally.
Getting Jojo was the best thing for our family.

With that said, I thought I would give you a few recipes that our puppy loves and mayby pass onto your baby.  First of all, here are a few things you SHOULDN'T feed your dog...

*Chocolate, Coffee, Caffeine

*Alcohol (well, this is obviouse)
*Macadamia Nuts
*Grapes & Raisins
*Yeast Dough
*Raw/Undercooked Meat, Eggs and

Ok, now thats out of the way, here is a couple of great recipes from that I have found realy useful....

Healthy One Pot Dinner Recipe For Dogs 

This recipe will give you approx. two cups, so

depending on the size of your dog you can double,

triple recipe. Refrigerate leftovers for up to 3 days.

You can also freeze individual servings!

2/3 cup Beef, cubed (any meat can be used!)

3/4 cup carrots and sweet potatoes, cubed

1/2 cup instant brown rice

1 cup water

1/4 tsp. garlic powder (Optional!)

1. Put all the ingredients, except rice, in a large pot

and boil.

2. When the vegetables are tender, add rice and

cook until done.

Note: you may have to add a bit more water during


Here's some snacks for your puppy too...
Cheese n' Garlic Cookies for Dogs

1 1/2 cups white rice flour

1 1/4 cups grated cheddar cheese

1/4 pound safflower oil margarine

1 clove garlic -- crushed (Optional)

1 pinch salt

1. Grate the cheese and let stand until it reaches

room temperature.

2. Cream the cheese with the softened margarine,

garlic, salt, and flour.

3. Add enough milk to form inta a ball. Chill for 1/2


4. Roll onto floured board. Cut into shapes and

bake at 375 for 15 minutes or until slightly brown,

and firm.

Makes 2 to 3 dozen, depending on size.

Like I always say, making your own food from scratch is so much healthier AND why not also make it for your other family member.  It reduces fleas, keeps your dog healthy and stops them from stinking...Im meaning their poo's as well as their breath...It also stops that icky 'dog' smell from radiating from them...ugh, a smell I detest.  So I hope you enjoy my doggy recipes that i have shared with you and enjoyed meeting our baby.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Before I start todays Blog, I must apologies for my female sookie la-la blog last time.  I must warn you, its "that time of the month" right now for me and I tend to little hormonal, again, I apologies.
Now, getting on with it...Once again it has been QLD school hols for the past 2 weeks and the kids have been home.  We havnt done alot which has been nice.  We have been to the movies.  Toy story was pretty awesome.  We saw it in 3D and that was good...not amazing but it was good.  The kids enjoyed the whole experience, wearing their 'special' glasses, so it was worth it for that.  HeeHee.
Anyway, I thought that seeing its been cold (have I yet mentioned that in my Blog...hmmmmm...) I would make sausage rolls.  I have never made them and Im not exactly fussed on those icky mass produced ones that you can purchase in the super market *ugh*.   I had a recipe sitting in my recipe box for some time and so I made a lot, they were pretty yummo, even the kids liked them.

Here is the recipe....Give them a try...



Makes approx. 20

Basic Mince Mixture

500g Lean Beef Mince,

1 grated brown onion,

1 peeled and grated carrot,

2 crushed garlic cloves

1/3 cup roughly chopped parsley in a bowl.

Additional Ingredients

2 slices white bread, crusts removed, roughly chopped

2 tbs tomato sauce

1 tbs barbecue sauce

1 tbs Worcestershire sauce

1 egg, whisked

2 sheets frozen ready rolled puff pastry, partially thawed

1 egg, extra, whisked

1 tbs sesame seeds


1. Combine all the ingredients for basic mince mixture in a bowl.

2. Preheat oven to 200°C. Line a large baking tray with baking paper. Soak bread in warm water for 2 minutes. Drain and squeeze out as much water as possible. Combine bread with basic mince mixture, sauces and egg in a large bowl.

3. Lay pastry sheets on a flat surface and cut each in half. Form 1/4 of the mince mixture into a long sausage shape along the long side of the pastry. Brush opposite edge of pastry with egg wash. Roll up to enclose filling and with join underneath. Cut into 5 even portions.

3. Place rolls onto prepared tray and brush with egg wash. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and bake for 30 minutes or until golden and crisp. Serve.


The bread in the mince mixture prevents the filling from shrinking in the pastry and also absorbs any fat that may soak through.
These little sausage rolls are so delish.  We had them for dinner one night with a salad and we had leftovers for a yummy warm lunch the next day.  Great for freezing too.
Im defintly making these again, especialy for our next party.  So give these a go, your family will thankyou.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Weighty issues...*sigh*

Why is we are never happy with ourselves?  I try so hard to be content and happy with...'me' but there is always somthing I pick at.  At the moment its my weight.
its funny, you know, Ive never had weight issues EVER in my life until I hit my 30's.  (or is it since having kids...mmmmm???)
I was always a slim ( I used to weigh 49 kgs before kids), fit, healthy girl that could eat what ever, when ever and could wear pretty much anything.  Now its all about calorie counting, counting points, portion control, weighing, measuring, not wearing certain things etc etc...This is all quite foreign to me.  Dont get me wrong...I have always eaten quite good, even as a teenager I was more of a subway eater rather than good ol' Maccas.  Ive never realy liked deep fried or greasy food In fact the thought of that sort of stuff turns my stomach *ugh*.
Im now a 31 year old mum of 2.  I weigh 59-60kgs and Im 162cm tall.  I know Im not grosley over weight and to be honest I dont want to sound as though im obsessed, but I am bigger that what I used to be and it feels bizzare.  I would like to get to 55kgs to feel healthy. 
The problem is it is soooooo hard, I try....I realy try!  I do the portion control and points thing for about 6 weeks and the weight does come off however when i start baking or cooking things for the family it slowly, slowly comes back on.
I do go to the gym, I love the gym but at the moment Im in the process of changing gyms... woohoo! so I havnt been for a while....Im hanging out for the new one to open this Tuesday YAY!
I guess what Im trying to say is why does weight loss need to be an issue with us all?  Im not talking about unhealthy, overweight obeseness...that is a whole nother issue, but Im talking about those couple of extra ones that creep on.
I hate them, I want them gone, because I know a few grow to many... but I also enjoy me it is the soul of life.  I like my food.  I enjoy wholesome food, comfort food, entertaining food and healthy food.  It all good. 
I was looking at Jennifer Aniston the other day and I thought "wow...she has an AMAZING body AND she is *shock shock* 40!!!!!!"
I did the same with Gwyneth Paltrow a while back who I think is about 37..amazing body and what sucks is she has had 2 kids *sigh*
I also happen to know these two beautiful woman work their butts off like nothing else.  They have personal trainers, dieticians, MONEY! a nanny, gyms in their own home and watch every little thing they eat.  They are super lean and work hard for it...Good on them I say BUT lets get back into the real world.
I...a 31 year old married mum who rarely has a baby sitter, struggling to make ends meet with money, struggles from day to day just to get... life done.  No help, nothing.  I do it all alone (with my hubby of course)....and besides, I kinda want to enjoy what I have which often involves food.  I dont want to pick food to bits and scrutinise each and every bite...  I would LOVE to look like those girls, but I somehow need to find a happy place with it all.:0( 
I just wish I could be happy with the way I am.  I 'Think' I look ok but my mind tells me constantly Im not what I used to be....why cant I be the way I used to be??? (size 8)
Anyway, I guess it will just be one of those life long issue with all woman...somthing that will never end untill I just simply learn to be happy with 'ME'!