Monday, January 11, 2010


What else says summer more than a Surfboard?....So thats what we decided to make for the cake. 
I made two vanilla slab cakes...

Next, with the help from my wonderful husband, I cut out a template of a surfboard, out of kitchen paper then layed it over the two slabs.  I cut around the template so I had the shape of a board out of cake...

Almost done...i used a butter icing with yellow food colouring to cover the cake.  I then used chocolate icing to do the stringer and write Aloha.  For the stars I used a cookie cutter.  I very, very gently placed it where I wanted the stars to go so I had an outline in the icing.  With darker yellow icing, i then piped around the outline.  To finish off the stars I wanted to use coloured sugar but I couldnt find any in the supermarket  (ive since been told how to make sugar in a bag with food colouring and easy) So I just used yellow jelly crystls which worked just fine.

The PARTY TABLE!  For the finishing touches I placed some arrowroot biscuits into a food processor and processed them until they resembled sand.  I sprinkled this all around the base of the cake....It was a hit.


  1. Great cake and very cool theme!
    I want a party to organise now... I'm sure I can think of an excuse!

  2. Thanks Ellen, It was fun! We had so much fun organising it as well as on the day...sure, you can think of an excuse to have a party...any excuse will do. We had a 'summer' party just because it was birthday or anything like that is needed in our house to have a party. Go it, you'll have fun! LOL