Monday, January 11, 2010


Yesterday 10/01/10 we had organised to have a summer party.  It was so awesome.  Im still waiting on photos to come from a friend and my sister in law who were the designated photographers for the day (i was just to plain busy for that). 
I tried so hard to have a party 'with the lot' but also had a pretty tight I had to work within that.

Here I have some pics of the party bags I made as well as the cute lil'ice cream invitations...

As it was a summer/beach theme I made the party bags out of brown paper bags that I got from a cheapie shop, they were about $4 for a pack of 5.  To me they gave me the feeling of the natural earthy beach. I placed a cute fish sticker on the front. (one pack of stickers $ pack did the trick, with some left over)
As we also had a few babies at the pary I did some little spererate gifts for them as they cant realy eat lollies or use a squirter ring LOL.  I just got some georgouse little 'postman Pat'book from a bookstore sale...they were $4.95 down to $1.95...bargain!

They were filled with fish lollies, water squirt rings, lolly Bananas, sherbet fruit lollies, beach themed erasers, stickers, a balloon, a lolly pop, a Tiny flip flop key ring, a many much sugar, but I guess it wouldnt be a party without it...LOL.

The kids and I spent a rainy day at the start of the holidays making the invitations...
We decided on an icy pole...just to set the mood.

The back view...

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