Sunday, March 9, 2014

Settling into our new nest...TV Buffet and Kitchen stool makeovers!

Hello there!
Well it has been approx. 12 weeks since moving into our new little nest.  It has taken a bit to get used to, but I think its now starting to feel like home.  The first couple of weeks felt as though we were in a holiday rentral as the house is so much more modern than our last house and We had to make a few changes to 'soften' it a little.
First I had pulled out the ugly cream venetian blinds and replaced them with soft flowy 'vivan' curtains from ikea. It was a simple, cost effective way to pretty up the room.  As we havnt got loads of money to spend I decided to list the old blinds on ebay, which sold for close to $300.  I was stunned!!  But I then used that money (not all of it mind you) on new curtains and brushed chrome curtain rods.
  I love how it looks.
Next A lot of my furniture was that really dark teak wood.  I had been planning on painting the pieces of furniture for so, so long but put it off as I was waiting to move and wanted to get the feel of th new place before painting.
So now we've moved...nothing was holding me back.
My first project was our large tv buffet...
   As you can see its very heavy and very dark.

I had some 'annie sloan' pure white chalk paint on hand so I went to town on it.  Once I set my heart on a project, esp a painting one I cant stop till its done.
So Once the kids were dropped off at school I was into it and it was done by that evening...I told you I have to finish it off.  Also its one of the perks of chalk paint.. Its quick drying.
I sanded and painted all day...


Then I was happy with the end result...


Not bad for a days work, I think.  I'm still waiting to get my handles for the top drawers.
The next thing I had my eyes set on was our kitchen bench stools...

This was a super quick job.  The longest part was probably sanding the tops.  I was going to leave the tops raw but after a few days didn't like the look.  So, I decided to white wash them.  I havnt taken a pic yet but if I get a chance...I will.
 So welcome to Our "new" nest...Im still getting used to it, but we're getting there. xo



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