Saturday, December 7, 2013

A new year, a new chapter...

OH MY! I knew I haven't been here a while but when I actually got on and looked I almost fell over!  I have been completely out of bloggersVille for so long.
My little family and I have had a crazy year, busy busy year but it has a been a good year.

In October we hit the high seas and went on a much longed for cruise holiday.  It was AH-mazing!!
We went on the P & O pacific Dawn.
We left Brisbane dock on Saturday 19th October at 2pm.  We sailed to 'Isle of Pines' then 'Mystery Isalnd', next stop was 'Suva, Fiji' then 'Port Denarau, Fiji'.  After that our final stop was 'Port Vila, Vanuatu' .  Honestly, it was the best holiday EVER!
The kids had an absolute ball as we adults did too.  We ate, swam, snorkled, got dressed up for dinners, saw shows and just had an awesome time!  I FULLY recommend it anyday!  The service too was 100% five star.  I honestly couldn't fault it.


The holiday was the best.  It was well deserved and we had the absolute best time.

Another BIG thing that has happened in our lives is that we have made the decision to move home.
It was a HUGE decision that encountered hours and hours of thought, discussion and forethought.
It was huge as I thought we'd be here, in 'our lil nest' for a very, very long time.  We have lived here for a tad over 7 years and have transformed our home from a 1990's rental to a beautiful, homely, snuggly nest for our family of 4.  It is bitter sweet.
There have been so many memories Good and bad here, but mostly all good.

We've had tons of kids parties, farewell parties, anniversary parties, bbq's, and good times in our garden.  Our children were babies when we moved in.
 Miss mimi was 4 and little T was 20 months old. Now they are big kids (8 and 10). 
We have painted, planted, built and changed this home with our finger print on it.  We have layed concrete with our names in it, buried our Jojo under our big tree and collected eggs from our chookies we had around the side (and sometimes finding them in the most bizzare spots). We had many nights in the back yard with the kids looking at the stars, having a backyard fire or playing soccer.  setting up cubbies in the loungeroom, baking many, many yummy things in my kitchen...with and without the kids. Playdough being rolled out on the dining table and having it walked through the house.  Just sitting with my husband out the back with a glass of wine, nibblies and catching up on the day whilst watching the kids swim in the pool with the neighbours kids..  I will forever remember constantly having cousins and kids run around this place making lots and lots of noise and mess.  I love that!!!
 Yep, I even at times,  envisioned seeing Miss Mimi walk out of here in her wedding dress when the time came.  I never actually thought we'd leave.

  Here are some recent pics of 'our nest'...

 I said with much mulling over what to do we have decided to sell our beloved home and move on. 
The reasons are very positive!
I know it will be ok.
The day the sign went up out the front, my heart shattered into a thousand pieces.  We had one open house.  That day we had 24 families come through and had 4 offers put down.  We were in utter shock.
The final offer we got was above and beyond what we ever though we would get, so all that hard work we had done certainly paid off.

The selling process was quick and easy...Just as well as I think I would have pulled out.  LOL!

As of next Tuesday, 17th December our lil family of 4 will be starting the next happy chapter of our lives.
We aren't moving far.  Just two suburbs over.  I will be honest, I don't cope well with change.  But I am looking forward to this as we have done this all for the right reasons and everything so far has just fallen into place.  Although it has been a hard decision to make we are super happy we made it.

We are about to make some new/more memories to carry with us forever!

Im going to continue this blog.  I'm kind of excited as I get to start again.  (d├ęcor/garden wise that is).  I hope you all stick with me and continue to follow me on this new journey...

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