Saturday, February 16, 2013

Clean eating (and french toast recipe)

For some time now I have been dabbling in the whole clean eating thing.  To me it just sounds so good.  I Love the whole idea of not eating processed foods, sugary foods and fatty foods.

The whole idea behind eating 'clean' is just that...foods that are fresh, healthy, tastey and CLEAN.  The less ingredients your food has, the closer it is to its natural state is the way I want me and my family to eat.

Also, Ive never been one to label read...but Im learning.  The reason Ive never really been a label reader is because Ive never really understood what it all says entirely.
The beauty with clean eating is that if there is somthing on the label I dont understand, cant say or has numbers...ditch it!

Usually good food has normal, naturally grown ingredients.

Also, Im a shocker for calorie counting...yep, Ill admit it.  Ive always hated "dieting" and hate that you need to deprive yourself.

I love food and I think that everyone should have a good relationship with it.  Its our fuel.  What we eat REALLY is what we are.  Im such a believer in this!!

With my family having several health problems I decided that I would look into the whole clean eating way.
 None of us have ever been diagnosed with any food allergies or intolerances however the more i read about food and additives etc I firmly believe that food contributes heavily on our moods, emotions, energy levels, headaches, body aches and general funtioning of our day to day life.  Obviouse, I know but it took me a while to fully 'get it'.

My son tends to get very Hyper.  He has also been diagnosed with severe dust mite allergy.  He also suffers with asthma.  He also wasnt sleeping due to all this which I think then contributed to the hyper.  I realised that although we had to get the dust under control...I thought I would also try food elimination to see if it made any difference.
I cut sugar (replaced it with natural alternative such as as coconut palm sugar, xylotol and agave) cut back wheat and dairy (replaced with almond milk and with the exception of Natural greek yoghurt) and started usuing alot of healthier alternatives to most foods.
  For example cooking air popped popcorn instead of buying the rubbishy packet ones in the super market. (just pop a handful of kernals in a brown lunch bag, place in the microwave for 2.5 mins, spinkle lightly with celtic sea salt...done!)

I noticed after 2 weeks of this way of eating his allergies settled down, he was sleeping and he was so calm and happy.

After the 2 weeks I let he and his sister get macdonalds as a treat.  Within 1 hour he had headaches, felt sick and slept all afternoon.

My point has been made!  I need no more convincing.

My daughter very simular.  Although she doesnt suffer from the allergy side of things she is an extreemly emotional child.  Cries at the drop of a hat and cant controll herself.
After 2 weeks...I noticed improvements.

Now, with my husband its kind of a different story.  He has stomach ulcers.  He seems to have a sensitive stomach so I have had to be carefull with foods in general anyway. 

Again, I cut back all the dairy, wheat, sugar processed crap. 
I made sure I sent my hubby to work with a proper healthy protien filled morning snack, a healthy clean, protein filled lunch and again another afternoon tea that was healthy and clean.

He too has been noticing more energy, less lethargy and honestly...he just looks better in his skin, eyes, hair and also moods (hehe...dont tell him though)

As for myself...well I also suffer with allergies, asthma, sleeplessness, chronic tiredness (contradiction...I know, but its true) Ive also had chronic adrenal fatigue, depression blah, blah, blah...

Anyway, along with a load of other things (natropath, acupuncture, vitamins etc) I have found that eating, food, lifestyle exercise has really played a huge role in helping me feel better.

Although Im not 100% Ive come so, so far. 
Honestly, food CAN be used as medicine.  I used to be a little scepticle and thought yeah ...too hard.  Even though I knew it to be true it was always a bit hard to 'change' a lifestyle.

Ive never been a bad eater, big (alcahol) drinker and Ive always like to keep fit.  But I wasnt educated!!  What I thought was right in fact wasnt...well, I was on the right track but not hitting the mark.
Web sites such as have been kept in my favorites for super quick reference. 
Im not wanting to be a super waif super model with abs of steel, however I do want to be a 'fun' mum with loads of energy, happy and take pride in look AND feel great!!  I want shiny hair, good skin and nails, bright eyes and healthy weight...with energy to match.  I dont want to be depressed and miserable...which food CAN do!
 I want my kids and husband to be proud of me but most of all I want to feel happy within myself...which Im getting there.

Dont get me wrong.  My kids are still kids.  And unfortunalty have a sweet tooth. I still let my kids have chocolate on occation and let them go to parties...BUT in each and everyday at home we eat well balanced, healthy CLEAN, unprocessed foods.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks I strive to eat clean.

With that in mind...I would like to share what I made for my family this morning...

Clean French Toast...
Soak gluten free or sour dough bread in egg whites till soaked through.  Then fry you bread in coconut oil (which is very, very healthy) untill golden brown on each side.

Once cooked top with natural greek yoghurt, berries, goji berries, chia seeds and agave...sooooooo YUM!

One thing I want my kids to know is that you dont have to sit down to a plate of mung beans to be can still have your sweet, savory, snacks, dips, burgers all that kids love but made with a healthy alternative...They too are getting it and I love that.  My kids Love to eat healthy and they do eat most of what I give them...high 5's to them!!


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