Monday, January 11, 2010

Fun day with the family...SEAWORLD!

To meschool Holidays are all about fun, chillin out, and laughter.  Doing things you dont normally do and enjoying it.
Last Tuesday (05/01/10) My husband and I and My sister and her husband decided to take the Kids to seaworld.  It was a great day.
Miss Mimi went there a couple of months ago with her class as a breakup for the year kinda thing, and was just itching to get back there.  Mr T had never been there but was feeding off his sisters enthusiasm.  We also has my sisters kids her 4 year old daughter and 2 year old son.  I think it was a great day. 
Lots of kids rides, shows, sharks, dolphins, was nice.

Miss Mimi and her cousin lining up for a ride...

Just about to go...

Up, up, up!

We LOVE Elmo...This was the sesame street show.

My favourite part...

Oh the lines were Looooooong, hubby and I waiting, waiting, waiting to go on the Bermuda Triangle ride...

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