Thursday, July 29, 2010


Next week my family and I are going away for a weeks holiday to Cooooold Sydney.  We are going away with my sister and her husband and her 2 georgouse kids.
Im so excited.  I cant believe how quick it has come around.  It seems like only yesterday we were 'thinking' about going and here we are preparing to go.
Right now its the smack bang middle of winter and Im preparing for warmth.  We will be alot closer to the snow and it gets pretty chilly this time of year down there.
We decided to fly down.  We were originaly going to drive and have a bit of a road trip however after much discusison wedecided it would  probably be easier to fly...Plus, the last time my kids went on a big plane Miss Mimi was 15 months old and Mr.T was just a jelly bean in my tummy :0)
So we thought it would be fun to fly.
Going with the cousins and aunty and uncle add to the excitment too.
We live on the QLD/NSW border so to drive it is approx. an 8 hour trip.  Once we would have done it in one big hit but now with kids we kinda break it up a little.  So it would be a 2 day trip.
The kids have been on and on and on about "when are we going???" Mr T, being the cute lil' 5 year old he is, thought when I said 2 WEEKS it meant 2 SLEEPS...Um....No!  The poor little guy has been so patient and trying so hard to understand just exactly when it is we are leaving.  It think he's startingto get it LOL.

We will be staying in Cronulla, such a beautiful place. Right on the beach. My sister and her husband lived there before the rug rats arrived. We also have beutiful friend there that we will be spending some time with...OOOOH, Im so excited!!! Im not sure who is more excited, me or the kids LOL.

some pics of Cronulla...

some more of Cronulla beach...

The beautiful walk, not far from where my sister used to live.  She pretty much had this view froim her kitchen window, loungeroom and balcony.  Jelouse Much?

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