Tuesday, May 25, 2010

2 Peas in a so thankful ♥

At the begining of the year my beautiful daughter, Miss Mimi was chosen to be in the school junior choir.  I am so, so proud of my little chooky.  She used to be such a quiet shy little thing.  As a baby/toddler very shy and would always only want mummy.  She still is a quiet girl, but definlty gaining lots and lots of confidence.  This makes me smile like you wouldnt believe.
Without going into details....myself as a child was raised in a completly disfunctional home.  I had no confidence growing up, no support and pretty much did it on my own for alot of it.  As an adult those little insecurities still plage me in some ways.  That is why I am so completly happy and chuffed that my babies are growing into strong, happy, confident children.  The way they should be.
Last week my Princess had her first school choir concert.  In front of most of the school my beautiful girl stood up there as proud as anything singing her little heart out, so, so beautifuly.
She is a quietly confident little thing as is little Mr. T who is also growing into an amazing little person.  Im so thankful and lucky I have my family.  They are everything I wanted to be as a child and for that I am so happy and thankful they get to be this. 
I love you my babies MWAH!
Please excuse my bad stupid camera decided to play up for me as I started snapping pics...grrrrrrrrr.......This was at the school concert.  Miss Mimi is up on the stage and the band in the front.
The top photo is of Miss Mimi just before went out to the proud of herself.  Big smile I could get off her face ♥.

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