Monday, October 11, 2010

$8 eBay chair re-do.

Ive been a busy little bee lately making  re-doing 2 things in the last 2 has been fun.  My first blog today I will show you my el chepo chair i purchased off ebay.  I spent $8 on the chair itself, and the rest i had here at home so the redo itself didnt cost a cent. 
Im quite proud of the end result, for $ cant realy go wrong.

Pretty ugly to begin with, having thick grey paint on it that was totaly scratched all over and lovely royal blue fabric (can you sense my sarcasm here? LOL) However i knew the chair was timber so i knew it had potential.
...and it did!

I pulled off the base and ripped off the ugly, old blue fabric to find that it had already been recovered once before.  There was a cream faux seued looking fabric that was completly stained *ugh*

I decided to cover the seat in hessian but i also wanted to put fabric under that to stop the icky dirty old chair coming thru.  So I used a fresh, brand new, clean beige cotton fabric as my first layer. 

Using my faithful ol' staple gun i attached the new fabric to the chair.

First layer...Done!
I repeated the exact same thing with the hessian...

Next I dusted and cleaned the chair frame, and then painted it a baisic white. gone!!!

DONE!  Now I just had to wait for it to dry, then lightly sand the edges to give it that shabby look.

A new look.  (now I just gotta get rid of that ugly orange cork floor...LOL, thats to come)
I plan on using it in our study eventually.  Theres a bit i want to do in there still. 
So, what do you think...?  Not a bad project for just 8 dollars, huh!?

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