Friday, July 15, 2011

Princess Aurora Cake

Last Sunday My lil' neice Charlie had a fun little tea party. Of course my sister in law asked me to do the cake which I was delighted to do as I LURVE experementing with food. I have never made a 'doll' cake before and I couldn't wait to try.

Charlie specifically aske for "Princess Aurora" Cake from Disney...

So I tried. I purchased a Dolly Varden {heehee funny name} cake tin and baked a simple chocolate cake. Once it cooled I placed 'Aurora' in place...first I had to remove her legs {which seems a little gruesem for a little girls party LOL} I had to do this so she could fit properly. Once in place I decorated the naked doll and cake to look like she was dressed. Here is the final outcome...

I know she isnt professionally made, so any cake conessiours out there, dont laugh! {yes, I know she looks pregnant, heehee} But little 5 year old Charlie thought it was just wonderful. I must admit I was pretty impressed with my efforts considering it was a first time attempt at a cake like this. I enjoyed making this cake and my kids did too. I think there will be alot more fun cakes in this shape now I have the mould...Little T thought a volcano cake would be pretty cool, me too.



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