Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our busy, fun holidays so far.

Hi all fellow bloggers, This morning I woke up with a yuck head cold.  Summer there anything worse? hehe.  Anyway, its kind of been nice to stop today.  We have been going non stop since last friday.  Last friday we had a 'dinosaur party' for My son.  Saturday I was cleaning up and cooking for our 'beach day' down at Hastings point, NSW. (see the pic below)  Its such a stunning place and we spent the whole day there with our beautiful friends.  Getting there at 7am and leaving at 5pm, we had a ball.  The kids swam, played, snorkeled and we all ate and relaxed.

We went for a big walk and saw crabs, shells etc...Such a lovelytime.  We slept well that night too, heehee.
 Then on Monday we had our dear fiends over for a big canadian breakfast.  Yes, yes fatty, heart attack on a plate but once a year a feast of bacon, eggs, pancakes topped with mapel syrup is devine! Oh, and I cant forget the champagne. hehe.
We then threw the kids in the pool and we relaxed chatting.
Last night we cruzed down to 'Yatala' to the drive-inn.  Was so much fun with the kids as they've never been and we went witha few car loads which made it even more fun and exciting. 

We took matresses and set the kids up outside with food etc.  We saw 'happy feet 2' and 'puss in boots'.  Was fun.
So any way, I today i think i needed to just stop and not think.  Although it has been super fun, non stressful stuff...we havnt stopped.  Late nights, early mornings and im tiiirrrreedd plus sick.
Oh well, thankgoodness its holidays and we can all chill and relax together.



  1. Jamie, your blog is gorgeous, and the drive-in sounds wonderful. I'm now following your blog - hope you'll follow me back! ~ Scather

  2. Thnakyou so much for your comment & following...I truly, truly appreciate it!! I will hop over to your blog now and check it out, and return the favor by following ♥ thanks again.