Monday, September 24, 2012

Another sad loss for our family!

Oh My!
what a few months we have had.  First the loss of our baby (as my last post explained), then on the 3rd of September we lost our beloved little Jojo (Jonah).  our loyal, loving, almost human like doggy. :(
I wont go into the details of how we lost him but all I will say is that I found him and the circumstances werent nice.  I was devistaed...the whole family was devistated.
Jonah was our dearest baby!  He came everywhere he possable could with us.  He listened to us, knew us and connect with us in every sense.

 We rescued Jonah from the Animal welfare legue back in 2009.  He was only 4 years old then.  He was instantly apart of our family.  Even though he was a little white fluffy dog he was a mans dog, never afraid to do anything.
 He wasnt scared or agressive.  He always seemed to have a big smile on his face and was always so happy.  Even at the park, the biggest, loudest, scariest, agressive dog could come up and jojo just bounced around as if to say "can we play?" totaly obliviouse of the fact that anydog could ever be angry.  He was just always happy and friendly to everyone and everything.  He even loved our neighbors cats, LOL.

Jonah was a little burst of sunshine!

He was my little shadow, my companion and buddy.
Everyone who knew him said he was such a unique, beautiful dog.  Everyone in our neighborhood new him and loved him.  He would go and visit them all and they all loved him visiting.  One neighbor was devistated the day he died and came over sobbing with flowers.

Jonah understood each of us as individuals. I didnt even need a leash for him as he would stick by us and if he did happen to wonder off, we just say 'jojo' and he waould casually wonder back.

We buried him  under a big beautiful tree in our back yard ourside our bedroom window. 
We are still doing renovations in our back yard but when we get to fixing that area we will put a proper little plaque there in rememberance our our awesome little dude.

We, as a family had a memorial service for him and layed flowers on his grave.  We placed a rock there with his collar, bed and bowls, as well as flowers.

JoJo...We loved you more than any pet ever!  You will forever be in our hearts, minds and family.  You were a legend and will always be remembered as our friend and gentle being as well as fun, cheeky and mischieviouse.  We will ALWAYS LOVE YOU!




  1. I'm very sorry to hear about the loss of your fur-baby. He sounds like he was a truly wonderful and very special member of your family.

    1. Thankyou very much for your kind thoughts. I would never say its as bad as losing a human child but wow!!'s still very devistating. We miss our little jojo so, so much but Harry our new baby is defintly filling a huge, huge hole.
      We are blessed to have another little sweetheart puppy in our lives. xo