Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh how I lOvE my bath...

So, I did a spin class today...its been about 6 months since my last class all i can say is *UGH*...anyway, i must admit i felt pretty good afterwards.  This afternoon my leg muscles started aching, kinda like those dreaded growing pains you get when your little.
I decided as the sun went down, and the coldness of the night kicked in that I was going to fill my bath and soak...ahhhhhh!
Often when im sick with the flu and aching with muscular pain the best thing I do is fill a hot bath the brim and pour in a box of epsom salts and pull out my little box of essential oil collection from le reve.  I have a fantastic little book that has mixes for all types of ailments.
Tonight because of my aches I put in ...
*4 drops of basil
*3 drops of clary sage
                              *3 drops of marjoram
PLEASE NOTE...a little tip Ive learnt is, that when you place pure essential oils in water you need to mix them with a little milk.  The reason is, when you think about oil and water...the 2 dont mix.  Adding the milk breaks down the oil allowing it to disperse properly through the bath water.  You dont need much milk, just a few drops to mix.

That along with the epsom salts...I was in heaven!  The smell was devine and the salts just does somthing. Click HERE to read some realy, realy interesting info on the wonderful benifits of epsom salts.

 I didnt do it tonight (being a school night and all)  but usually too, I will light my candles and drift off to bubble heaven.
Who needs expensive day spas...heehee (although that would be good too).
Now im rugged up, in my warm snuggly jammies with a hearty bowl of minestrone soup...mmmmmm!

Next time you are stressed, sick, tired or just want time out I completly recomend a warm soaky bath........your bodies, mind and sanity will thankyou for it, trust me. xoxoxox

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