Sunday, August 15, 2010

A weeks worth of food!

This weekend we have been a little indulgent with our eating, afterall we are still 'Technically' on holidays till Monday :0D
On saturday we had Eggs benedict for brunch...this was D.E.V.I.N.E. 
I also made my dear husband his favorite...lemon meringue pie, but instead of one big one i made mini ones, just so he can portion it over the week end LOL.  He was one happy boy.
Anyway, I plan to do a blog post on these next.

Today however, I must admit I was in total BLISS.  My day started with a sleep in, then my husband woke me up saying that friends of ours have asked if our kids could come over for a play date.  My husband got them ready and they were out within the hour.  I got up had a cuppa tea with some toast, watched a bit of tv. 
After Breakfast I decided to do a bit of cooking.
Since being away, and the weeks leading up to our holiday I have been a little disorganised and have been on a bit of a crazy thing with money...which i hate.

So, today I decided enoughs enough! 
While away my husband and I decided to lose a little weight & just generally get healthy leading up to summer.
He made one point that I need to make him lunch everyday for work.  He said this because I can be a little lax in this area at times.
So today I got very organised.  I was going to do a large shop this week and stock up on food items but instead i thought I will use stuff i already have and see if we can live on this.
So far already I have made ...

* I made 10 chicken sandwhiches on multigrain bread for my husband (2 sandwhiches a day).  Ive pre-made them and are frozen in the freezer.  Each morning I will take them out and by lunch they will be fresh and ok.
*10 ham sandwhiches on mutligrain.  One each day for each child, each day of school. (also frozen)
*Banana Cake...sliced up into 15 pieces, frozen in individual bags.  This for one each day...husband, son, daughter.
*Carrot cake, also frozen to be eaten for afternoon tea or snacks.
*I portioned up crackers and cheese into individual bags for snacks at school & work.
*I made a ministrone type soup with leftover veges that were on their way out and I had a tin of Cannelloni Beans & tomatoes ...turned out quite good.  This will hopefully do dinner for 2 nights next week.
*I also put on a sausage caserole for tonights dinner...I put this with polenta and brocolli...the kids loved it!!
*Air popped pop corn, also portioned into little bags for each day of the week for each family member to munch on.
*A Loaf of bread.

I think this should do us for most of next week. I feel quite proud of myself.  Now I just got to put myself to bed and sleep as I plan on getting up at 5 (yes, FIVE) go to the gym.
I feel so great tonight.  I find its amazing what a little organisation's hoping i can stick to it each week.
Nitey Nite my friends...xoxo


  1. What a great idea!!! I think I'll try this one.

  2. BTW, are you going to the Brissy DC next weekend?

  3. Wow...i didnt know you were a!!! We went to the sydney one, however we will be going to the brissy one on sunday as all our family and friends will be there...and its just sooooo good! Where are you from?