Friday, December 17, 2010

My free DIY jewellery hanger

Wow, I love this time of year. At the moment the weather couldnt be better.   It is the 17th day of summer here and we've been waking up to blue clear skies, warm summer sun and we've been swimming, playing and relaxing. About 4 o'clock evey afternoon we get a tropical storm to cool it all down, but thats ok because we then wake up to blue skies again the next day.  This is the sort of weather I remember as a child...the weather has been so messed up the last few years so its nice to have this. My poor husband still is working at the moment but he will have a week or two off from the 24th dec YAY!
Anyway, yesterday afternoon my wonderful sister and sister-in-law popped in for a swim with the kids and a glass of champers{for us~ as ya do} and then my sister offered to take my two for the night.  I have to go pick them up soon but for the moment Im enjoying just sitting here with a cup of coffee in quietness LOL.

So I thought while its nice and quite in the house I would blog about a jewlery holder i made some time back.
I used an old drawer.  My husband was throwing out an old wooden desk he had at his office so I grabbed the drawers.
Here you can see I took the handle off and painted the outside and some of the inside of the drawer...

I just used a white primer/sealer...worked a treat as it went on so, so easy and was quite easy to sand back a little on the edges for that chic look.
Next I had some pretty wrapping paper in my supply box that I cut to size, fitted and glued it to the inside of the drawer.
Next I turned the drawer upside down so the front of the drawer was on the bottom.
I then had an assortment of old drawer handles that I also had on hand that I place in a way that could hang long necklaces and smaller bracelet like items.
This was the finished result {sorry about the dodgy pic...It actually looks better now with better jewlery however I just took this pic quickly to show you the finished result}

It sits nicely in my room and i now have all my necklaces, bracelets etc where i can see them and out of the way of little 7 year old hands, LOL.
The whole thing cost me $0.00 to make.

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  1. This is a great idea...thanks for sharing :)

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