Monday, December 6, 2010

Summer, health and feeling good!

Ok, Ok...ive gotta get back to the gym.  Ive been going so well but this past month Ive been a bit blah!  I can always tell when I dont get there. 

I have also just recently just seen a fabulouse natropath that I only wish I met years ago.  Her name is Trina.  She is a lovely lady who is going to help me in ways I never thought. 
It was pretty interesting chatting to her.  She did the irridology thing and she was spot on.  She asked me if I have had neck and shoulder problems...I have been so, so sick with this the past few months.  One day I couldnt even get out of bed. 
She also looked at my toung.  I didnt relise but the tounge is also conected to alot...just like eyes are.  For years I have had this ugly looking 'split' down my toung and when I spoke to my G.P he pretty much just brushed it off as nothing, even though it hurts like crazy.
She told me that the split was connected to my nervouse system and it was caused from prolonged extreeme stress...ha!  Well, no wonder.  My childhood was, good {putting it simply} and parent/family stress has been ongoing...The neck/shoulder pain is also connected. 
so It was no wonder that my stress has come out through my body.  I also had bad post natal depression after the birth of my son and I never fully physically recovered from that.  I lost so much weight back then, wasnt sleeping or eating right and my body never got over that.  I have constantly got that heavy tiredness, the sort that I cant even lift my arm up some days. *ugh*  Trina feels I may still have Glandular fever {I also had this a few years ago but ignored it *sigh*}
Im hoping Trina will help me feel better...I think Im on the right track.  She did acupunture on me the day I say her and i floated out of her office.  I went home and slept for a couple of hours and slept soundly that night.  I actually woke up without a stiff neck and I had a clear head.  I almost forgot what that felt like.

Like I said, I havnt been to the gym for a month or so.  Im going to get back today.  I did my big shop yesterday so going to prepare some healthy meals to freeze for the up coming school holidays and get into fun, physical playing with my kids and little doggy.  In the holidays my husband and i often stay up late watching movies etc as we dont have to get up early the next day. We enjoy a glass or two of somthing.  This time i think we will even cut back on the alcahol {not that we drink much...but we all know I like my red wine and chocolate hahah} but the less and less the better you feel. This year I think we will reverse that.  Early to bed, early to rise.  We will get up early and get to the beach at sun up....go for walks while hubby surfs and enjoy the outdoors.  Oh, I cant wait!
Life is good...and fun!  Especially now Im getting my energy back. YAY!


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