Thursday, February 3, 2011

My heart goes out to my fellow Queenslanders...

I just wanted to send some thoughts to my fellow Queenslanders.  In the past month they have endured the worst floods and a level 5 cyclone.  Thankfully (so far) there havnt been any fatalities or missing from the cyclone last night...cant say the same for the floods that were only 45 mins away from here. *eek*.
Nature has been unleashing some force lately and its scary...makes me glad I have 'go bags' and 'survival packs' ready to go at the drop of a hat for each member of my family (food, shelter, first aid and medication, clothing, personal items etc ) ...just in case.
I hope all in North QLD can rebuild their lives and get back to normal as soon as's hoping its the end of the scary weather.


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