Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bedroom makeover.

So, last week I got in my head to paint renovate my room....somthing that has been on my mind for a while.
As I havnt got the money to just go out and purchase anything I want in one big hit I decided to spread it over about 8 months.
Over the past 8 months Ive been eBaying, at the shops looking for bargains, thrift store hunting and surfing the net for the best deals.
I have been storing them up and putting my purchases away for the big reveal.
Last weekend i  painted and put it all together and i must say...Im VERY happy with the results.  Tell me what you think of my 'new' room...

I took before shots on my phone as I cant seem to locate my camera atm.  Anyway I will work on that as I realy want  you to see the before shots...It always seems to add more impact.
Let me give a verbal (or is that written...?) description of before. 
Ok, The bed was a natural rustic wood.  A Lovely bed however after 12 years was a little over it.  I didnt want to get rid of it as this is the first thing my husband and I ever baught together.  Im kinda attached to it...weird I know but I am.  Also, it is such a solid, strong bed it would kind of be silly to get rid of it.  I painted it a cream colour.
I had no curtains above the bed in that window...just the blinds. 
The bedside table and tall boy were a dark teak, they're now a cream colour (same as bed) The 'old' curtain on the slididng door was beigey/gold.
 The walls were white (not too bad) and the doors and trims were apricot *ugh*.  My quilt cover origially was white but about 2 years ago it ripped *sob~sob* so I have been using our old cover which was blue and white.

  Overall it wasnt too bad but just not nice.  It didnt feel connected and I felt like it was old and dirty looking.  I needed a change as well as a nice retreat for hubby and I to go to at night. 

We now joke and say...we feel like we finally have a grown ups bed room...LOL.
The colour paint i used for the wall was  Dulux Tapestry Beige in quater strength.  Such a beautiful colour.  For the doors and trims I simply used plain dulux white in a gloss.
The curtains are Ikea Vivan curtains purchased for half price on eBay.  All the frames are from a thrift shop that I spayed in a gloss black.
Overall...Im happy with our light, airy, fresh, romantic bedroom.  One of my biggest project to late, completly done by me 4 days.  Room, doors and trims painted, bed bedside table and drawers painted, curtains up and decorating.  I loved every min of it.
Next is miss Mimi's room....

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