Wednesday, March 30, 2011

High tea in the garden ♥

Goodmorning All,
I must admit Ive been a little thin on blogging for the past few months, I  have had alot of other things going on.  I wish somtimes I had more time to blog as I realy do love it.
Anywho...with that in mind I will fill you in on one of the fun things I have been doing. Last sunday Miss Mimi and I threw a 'High tea'.  Her best friend that she has known all her life {her mum and I were pregnant together} is moving away to Tasmania.  She was devistated so we decided to throw a little afternoon tea to try and ease the pain.
8 eight year olds and a tea party is just too cute.
Here are the invitations we made...

I made these little invites straight from the computer...edited, prited cut & pasted...Voila!
I also loved the look of the party pompoms that are inspired Martha stewart. They are so pretty almost like big bouncy flowers.  I attempted to make them and THEY TURNED OUT YAY!!!!  So pretty.  We hung them in trees above the table.  The only problem is, the day was a beautiful autumn day but the wind was terrible. So my little pompom flowes not only danced in he sun but they fliped and twisted and got a tad tangled.  I tied them up with fishing line so you couldnt see it, but the line got twisted...OH WELL, it still looked ok.  Take a look at the setting...

I also made cute little dancing sticks and placed on the back of each chair.  Once the girls finised eating thy danced beautifully in there 'twirly' dresses spinning their sticks.

So much fun.  As it was lunch time we hd savoury foods first.  These coonsisted of heart shaped cream cheese and ham sanwhiches, the inevitable 'cucmber' sanwhiches...They werent a hit, as I guessed but whats tea in the garden without cucumber sandwhiches?  W also had tiny homemade pizzas and butterfly chicken nuggets, mini pies and meat balls.  They ate them soo fast I wa suprised they had room for dessert. Heehee.
After lunch came the best part....cupcakes, jam tarts, tiny biscuits, jam rolls, marshmellows.  It was all washed downwith 'rosie tea' {blackberry juice} in little tea cups.
 I didnt get any pics as I was busy rushing around making sure everything was good.  My sister took a few snaps thankgoodness, so If I get them from her I will post them.
All the mums stuck around too and we had champagne, ginger beer...homemade gormae pizza, cold bbq chicken and salad.  It went down well, after we also had tea and cakes.
It was a beautiful, beautiful day and EVERYONE had such a lovely time...I cant wait to do it again.



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