Friday, April 1, 2011

I love 'date day'!! ooh laa laa ♥

I just had to share my wonderful day with you all.  Today is Friday 1st April and on a typical Friday here its like anyother weekday.  You know...Get up super early, hang out washing, make lunches, get breakfast, eat breakfast, wake the kids, get uniforms ready, put dinner in the slow cooker, tidy kitchen, have shower, get dressed, do hair, do daughters hair for school, make sure kids have packed and tell and any other bits and pieces they need for school, look for the lost school shoe that my son misplaced and for some strange reason ends up being somewhere like the shower??, tell them 158 billion times to brush their teeth, make beds, make sure house is tidy and have all this done before 8.30am *phew*...No wonder I get so tired LOL. 
Anyway, today was a lovely change.  Yesterday my dear husband came home last night and said he can get today off work which rarely happens.  It was a little exciting because it meant we got to spend the day together. 
So this morning, instead of my husband being gone to work at 5.30am he was there lying next to me when I woke up *yay*.  The extra bonus was 'it was pouring with rain'.  Theres just somthing about waking up in your mans warm arms wrapped around you and hearing the rain falling outside, ahhh simple pleasures.
Next, When we got up (which was a little later than normal for a week day) HE got the kids breakfast, while I quitely sat in front of the telly sipping a coffee watching sunrise and having my breakfast.
Next the kids got dressed while I packed lunches and then my wonderful husband offered to take the kids to school for me *another yay* so I got to stay warm, in my jammies and have that 2nd cuppa.  I slowly got up to have a shower.  When my wonderful man came home he said he was taking me to George's Paragon seafood restaurant, at Sanctuary Cove....ooohhhhhhh!  For those of you who dont know this place its only the "BEST seafood the world".
I got all pretty-ed up ...and I felt pretty too (for a change) .We had the best date day ever.
The resturant is overlooking a bay of yachts and stunning water realy is nice. 5star service, top quality food and delish wine.
Next we went for a little stroll though the sanctury cove village and we just had to have a coffee and dessert (as you do).
It was DEVINE...we ate just a little too much today me thinks but it was well worth it.  We talked and talked and talked, it was just so refreshing.  The best thing for us both.
This past week we had yet again, another...hmmmm, shall I say *cr@p* time with "family issues" so I think it was a nice little escape for the two of us.
I must admit I was a lil' spoilt was a bit spesh.
We then picked the kids up from school, went to the dvd store, picked up a dvd and a couple of wii games for the kids.
we have all just piled into the loungeroom this afternoon for a lazy night, movies etc, after all it is still raining outside and I JUST LOVE spending time with 3 of my most favorite people of all time....Andrew, miss mimi and Little T.....
♥ Ahhhhh, aint life grand ♥...Gotta get back to it........just had to share.


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