Saturday, April 9, 2011

Oh, how life has changed...BUT I LOVE IT!!

As i sit here 9.25 on a saturday night i ponder my life.

 This time 10 years ago my man and I would have been out for dinner, socialising or somthing like that.  We were contemplaiting moving towns {which we ended up doing for some time}, taking us to new adventures, new friends and new beginings.  Life was fast, busy and always changing.
Now, 10 years  and two kids later here i sit quietly on a saturday night on my lounge in my jammies with both my kids lying half over me, half over my husband...eating homemade pizza, a glass of wine watching a 90's movie that is on tv {and loving it}. 

 Im not out partying, im not out wining and dining, im not dressed up/makeup on, hair done and wearing killer heals...but Im happy!  Im content! Im simply loving my life right now at this moment...there is no other place right now I'd rather be.
Last night { Friday night } we had a backyard fire, roasted marshmellows, talked and laughed with our kids.  Tomorrow we head west to the mountains.  We are going to the natural arch with the kids, going for a bush walk, checking out the stunning waterfalls and after enjoying a yummy picnic under a grand old tree.  Im so lucky to have 3 amazing people to share this life with...Andrew, my amazing husband, Miss Mimi the most beautiful princess in the world and lil' wonderful, strong amazing lil' doesnt get much better!..and I wouldnt change it for anything.
nity nite xoxo


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