Tuesday, April 26, 2011

High Protein/ low carb eating.

Last week when I went to visit Trina my natropath, she told me that next visit I would start a diet of high protien & low carbs.  I have done a bit of research on this and think it sounds great.  It actually makes a lot of sense.

Trina told me that I need to incorparate protien into EVERY SINGLE MEAL. Including snacks.

Often, when people think of protein, the image of a steak comes to mind, which in all honesty...DOES NOT APPEAL TO ME!  While red meat is a quality protein source, I have reserched that there is much more to protien then consuming a steak for breakfast.  Along with red meat, add poultry, fish, eggs, pork and vegetable sources to your meals. To keep meals high protein, arrange your plate so that 2/3 are protein and 1/3 carbohydrate. I have also found using protein powders in a smoothie as a meal replacement when you are in a hurry is another simple way to get that protien fix.
Appently, eggs are the purest and highest form of protien.
Also almonds are a great sorce of protien, so for a quick easy snack when out This is an ideal option.

Protein plays a vital role in building and maintaining muscle tissue, bones and skin. Protein is also a major factor in overall growth and the healing of wounds. Protein is found in virtually every part of your body, including hemoglobin, hormones, antibodies, enzymes, bone and muscles, says Georgetown University.

Anyway, to make it simpler I have made up  a one-day simple high protien, low carb menu...

Breakfast) 2 Poached eggs, grilled tomato, grilled low fat ham.
Baked beans and grilled tomato with steamed spinach.

Morning Tea) A handful of almonds mixed with dates.

Lunch) Steamed or poached chicken on a garden salad, hard boiled egg and a homemade salad dressing.

Afternoon Tea) a protien milkshake

Dinner)  a beef and vegetable stirfry with loads of garlic and honey and mixed herbs.
Dessert) cooked apple with yoghurt.

Some fabulouse tips I found were from this web site here.  I have included these tips below...
•Look to your meals where the protein is fairly plainly cooked, such as grilled or pan-fried meats, broiled fish, etc. Include more vegetables instead of potatoes or rice, including substitutes such as "Cauli-Rice". If the plate seems puny, add a green salad with an olive oil-based dressing, or a soup. Also, don't be afraid of including more healthy fat than you are used to -- it will help satisfy you until the next meal.

•Skillet meals consisting of meat and veggies are often naturally low-carb, or you can just leave out a starchy or sugary ingredient or two. Top Skillet Chicken Meals

•Make your favorite quiche without the crust

Trina also mentioned a great recipe for 'bliss balls' for a quick protien packed snack.  When I make these I will post the recipe on here.

This week I am just looking at getting sorted and next week we get started.  Will keep you posted on how it goes.
Please feel free to comment if you have a high protien/low carb way of eating.


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