Sunday, April 15, 2012

Home pakages of hearts ♥

On Friday, Offically the last day of the school holidays the kids and I decided bake some cookies, package them up into cute little bundles and deliver them to our beautiful friends.

We made heart shaped shortbreads with lemon icing.
Very simple to make with only a few simple ingredience...

2 Cups of self-raising flour (sifted)
1 Cup of custard powder (sifted)
2/4 cup icing sugar (sifted)
1 block of butter

Mix together with your fingers untill it turns into a dough.  This does take some time so you may want to have someone close by to chat to, my kids provided great enetertainment for me, heehee also you may have or want to purchase a fancy pants 'pastry blender' that does this job a bit quicker.  I purchased mine from 'robins kitchen' for only around $7, a great investment I think.

Once you have a smooth dough roll into a ball and place on a floured bench and roll out. Cut out your shapes...

The kids loved 'cutting' the cookies (we had our lil' neighbor friend help out too)...

Placed the cookie heart shapes onto cookie trays (or as we used pizza trays lined with baking paper) we used a fork to lightly place marks onto the cookie dough.  I think it just adds that professional look, LOL...

Once cooked to a golden colour we took them out of the oven to cool.  We made lemon icing with pure icing sugar and a squeeze of lemon, mixed to a failry thick paste consistancy.  If you like to get that 'lemon' look you can add a very. very small drop of lemon food colouring and mix it in well to give it the lemon look.  But this isnt neccary.  Put icing on ONE under side of of the cookie and squish another on top...

End result...Lots of tasty little heart kisses...

All packged up with brown paper and ribbon, as well as homemade stamped tags to let our friends know how much we love them ♥

Both my kids got a total buzz out of delivering them.  They felt so special and so happy they were giving homemade gifts.
Once delivered the text messages of thanks started rolling in.  The thanks & appreciation made all of us feel so happy & proud we made somone else day just that tiny bit nicer ♥
It was all worth it!



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