Friday, December 28, 2012

Expect nothing...appreciate everything!

WOW!  What a  year My family and I have had.  To be perfectly honest, Ill be glad to see the back end of it. 

That said, I wanted to just write about although there is bad...there is always good to counteract.

I believe this.

There is ALWAYS someone out there worse off than you...and more often than not theyre happier, hehe.

I feel in this world we forget to just simply STOP and smell the roses.  Something we need to do, not once every now and again but every single day.
Look at the things we often over look.

For instance, to me...
The simple pleasure of sitting on the beach, late afternoon deeply breathing the salty air and watching my children, dog and husband play and run is just simply breathtaking.  The peace, the calm, the contentment. Perfect!

Another.  There is nothing more decadent, indulgent and sensual than biting into a semi-soft chocolate Lindt ball.  The hard shell, cracking and the gooey inside pouing into my mouth.  YUM! Pure pleasure.

Also, the feeling you get when you are with your most favourite people and you are having a huge, big belly laugh.  You know the kind that makes you wheeze, make tears run down your face and your stomach muscles are so tight they hurt...that is awesome.

Flowers...almost everyday My gorgeouse 7 year old son pics a flower for me.  Whether its a perfect gardenia from the neighbors garden (oops...) or a wilted me it makes no difference.  They are all beautiful.  Beautiful because flowers just are that.  Also, because my son gave them to me...he thinks of little things like that and to me thats special.  I put each and every one into a vase.  My house is always full of fresh flowers...lucky me!

Finally...those night i go to bed and that drizzly rain outside starts to pour.  My bed seems so much more snuggly and it feels that little bit sweeter knowing the next day is a day off...and there are no plans! ahhhh...PURE, AWESOMENESS!

Its the little things in life that make life wonderful.  There is so much uncertainty in life (so expect nothing)...but so much beauty (appreciate everything).

Just had to share this positive little thought.

What simple things make you happy?  I would LOVE to hear them...


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