Thursday, November 11, 2010

♥ On this day...

♥♥HaPpY AnNnIvErSaRy To Us!♥♥

8th november 2010.  12th wedding anniversary aboard a gondala...very romantic♥
Ive been MIA lately as Ive been a little pre-occupied.  On the 8th November 1998 at 1pm my husband and I became one.  We vowed to spend the rest of our life together forever and to care and cherish each other.  Little did I know that it would just keep getting better and better each day, each year.
I know, I know.....gush, gush {where's a bucket} but I have to say its true.   Im lucky to have met and spend the rest of my life with my sweetheart, my soulmate, the love of my lucky am I?
Im going to get all pathetic here and just tell you how luck I am.  My husband is super romatic, loving, gentle, *naughty* fun, respectable, reliable, safe, beautiful, understanding, amazing, spiritual, deep and I cannot even begin to tell you how much I just love him.
He is my heart and soul.  An amazing man, wonderful husband and amazing daddy.
When our daughter was born he told me that I was the air he breathes and our daughter is the blood in his veins.
He has helped me with so much of my skeletons and baggage from my past {family stuff *UGH*} and he is my rock, my stability.
This anniversay we stayed away for 2 nights alone and had amazing time....just talking, talking, talking....we shared dinner on a private gondalah *swoon* and we just had a magic time *wink*wink*.
So On the 8th of November I dedicate this to 'us'....~{in my eyes} the most perfect couple ever!!

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