Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paint, wood and a few of my favorite things...

The weather here has been quite beautiful lately.  Spring has defintly arrived with a hint of summer that is soon to follow (yay).  This weekend we have out in the garden chopping back trees, clearing rubbish, giving everything a good wash and ready for the warmer months ahead.  The kids christened the pool by having their first swim for spring...its been great.
The past week Ive had a few *sad* days and when Im feeling this way I try to do somthing 'I' enjoy, somthing thats creative and somthing that makes me feel good.
Rememeber a few months back I wrote about my big clean out?  I mentioned there about a friend who did cleaning and organising as a job...well, it turns out she also does interior decorating etc {she realy is an amazing lady}.
I was chatting to her about styles and colours and ideas for my place as I know what I like but pulling it all together can at times be a bit challenging.
I explained to her that I actually realy like the american style of decorating as it can be so different to here in Australia.
When I explain that to others they go "huh?".  But when I explained that to my good friend she totaly got what I meant.
American homes seem to have a 'Pottery Barn' look.  You know what I mean? Very warm, family orientated, but also rustic and whimsical.
My friend told me that my style seems to be a look called 'nantuket'.  Hmm, after googling that I think she may be right.  She told be to gather a few pics of the 'look' I like and then it helps to pull it all together.  here are a few looks I like and came up with...

These are just a 'few' pics I found so here's hoping I can pull it all together.  I like white, white and more white. Cream with lots of textures...wood, glass, burlap, etc etc etc....I LOVE candles especially when in crystle clear glass and mayby a slight bit of silver.  I love white washed floorboards {this we plan on getting oneday} and french inspred items.  I also love the rustic look of of an old wooden swing chair out the back or near the front door.  Lots of potted, lush and a hint of white flowers {or Hydrangea's...another favorite of mine}.  I like the look of french doors and white shutters.  All of this at the same time as being kid friendly.  ♥I love it!

When talking to my friend about this she mentioned that in the U.S painted furniture is so big.  Here we are all so scared to paint anything that is bare wood.  I kind of agreed with her.  I wondered why my place was looking so 'brown'. 
So during my *sad* week last week I held my breath and just did it!  I have only started with out door items so far.  I have an old chair that I purchased of ebay about a year ago.  Its a realy nice outdoor bench seat style...again bare wood.  My first stroke of white...and I couldn't stop.  Im sooo happy I painted it.  It has given it a whole new lease on life.

I also had an old mirror that I got at The tender centre abot 2 years ago.  I plans to put it outside and it never happened.  It ended up sitting in our shed and then the mirror broke {ugh} so was just going to give it away.  {silly I know...what was I thinking??}

Sorry I dont have a better pic of the finished result.  I took this while it was drying.  Once I put it up I will try and get another shot of it.  I was going to just put it up out side near the front door.  Once our renovations are finished it will look nice there I think.
I also have plans for an old coffee table that we use outside, when I have done that I will put up a blog post about that.  Im starting outside with the furniture painting thing.  My husbands a little scared at the thought of painting out good inside furntiure...we'll work on that LOL.


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