Wednesday, November 24, 2010

So excitement! (reno's part 1)

Lately ive been indulging a little in my creative decorating side.
We are doing some major renovating on our nest and it has made me giddy with excitment. We've lived here for approx 3 years and only done the minimal in renovating..slow and steady.
However the last few weeks has been so exciting. Things are flying here.

We have built a fence (brick, rendered) out the front of our home and taken all our unclaimed land back. This means around our pool we have loads more room. we are planning to deck around our pool and pave the front entrance,new carport, level and re-turf the backyard....loads of work to do, but the end result will be amazing. I cant wait. We've been working around the clock to get it sorted for the school holidays in just a couple of short weeks away.
It will be so nice.
Inside our home it's quite small (but I like it)...outside is where we do most of our living especially in summer. So we will soon have a new room to our house...the ouside room.
We started back in October, however anyone living here in S.E Queensland would know how wet the weather has been this year, esp the last few months.  So the day hubby decided to start...the heavens opened up, still he kept going.  Here Little T decided it would be fun sticking on some diving flippers (???) and sludge thru the wet mud...It looked liked fun, I was tempted to join him.

Mmmmm, mud pies....

In the end we decided just to hose him off....LOL

Here are a few pics of our changing nest...
day 1...Poor guy.  He had his tractor,..bull dozer ...whatever thing they call that he's on, and he was determained to get it done.

UGH!  What a mess!  Damn that rain!  It doesnt make the job easy.

Success!!  He managed to to dig out, level and make a retaining wall!!

Day 2....the footings are laid.  Bricks arrived.

Finally...better weather....AND the pillars are built.

Since these pics were taken we have managed to have the entire wall built, rendered and painted. It is 95% finished. We still have to put hardwood in one section...then done.
I thought I had the latest pics on my camera...but i didnt. When I get a chance later I will put some more pics up.
Next we have the pool area and the front courtyard to pave.
Very exciting. I cant wait to sit out around the pool in summer late afternoon with hubby and the kids with a glass of wine, some yummy food, candles and music...ahhhh, dont you love QLD summers?
Bring it on...!

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