Friday, October 7, 2011

homegrown-homemade pumpkin soup

Look what I grew!  Ok, I know...anyone can grow a pumpkin but...look at it!  Its huge!
I was so excited to bring this inside and chop it up for some healthy, hearty homey soup.

Just look at how orange and fleshy this thing is.

I chopped that thing up ( there was soooo much it took about half an hour to chop, lol), popped it in the pot with some onion, garlic, ginger, mixed herbs, some salt reduced vegetable stock and a  potato....simmered it for an hour, blended it up and....

....homegrown, homemade pumpkin soup!  It was the yummiest soup EVER!!!!, Realy it was.  With some home baked bread, and a dollop of basil was devine.


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