Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh the craziness!  I have been totaly out of the loop with blogging this year!  My laptop died about 3 months ago and I have been using my husbands tiny little notebook that he uses on the road for work, as cute as it was....I hated it!  You can only see half the screen.  You need to scroll down to see the whole page, UGH!
Anyway, yesterday I was out and about and when I came home there was a shiny new laptop sitting on our dining table...woohoo!  I love my man! {and its a little more modern looking than that in the pic LOL}
So here I sit on my New Toshiba typing my blog...ahhhhh, life is good again!
So now I promise to be a better little blogger and upadate a bit more often than I have.
~I Promise!


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