Saturday, October 8, 2011

project catch-up. DIY table runner and cushion

Oh how I LOVE Thunderstorms in the morning.  Yes, Its a dark thundery morning here this morning.  Thankgoodness its a saturday.  We got to stay in bed just that bit longer and listen to the rain and thunder outside.  Pancakes and cinnamon apples for breakfast and hot coffee...mmmm.
So anyway, on my snuggly morning as the kids get stuck into saturday Disney on tv I thought i would do another catch up blog (3 in 3 days...Im doing good arent I?).
Today Im going to show you a simple idea my lovely friend has done at her home...and I lovingly borrowed her idea for mine {she doesnt mind...honest}.  Its a very, very simple lacey table runner.  Very effective.
In my thrift shop, shopping trips I always seem to get sucked in to those beautiful vintage doyles.  You know the ones that are REAL lace.  Not the cheap manafactured ones.  The sort that you can just see some lovely old grandma making with her bare hands 40 years ago.
I seem to have too many to know what to do.  This is a fantastic idea.  It looks just so nice.

Gather up your doyles and arrange them in a long line, overlapping slightly to match the length of your table.  Arrange them in an arty fashion {big ones with small ones etc} This may take a few goes to get it right. The different shade of white and beige, shapes and patterns just complement each other so nicely.

place a smal stitch in between each one so stay together on your table. 

The next project I did a few months back. 

Its a DIY printed cushion cover.  It is very easy to do.  All you need is...
*a plain cushion cover
*a Printer
*a sheet of stencil plastic
*a black sharpie
*fabric paint
*stanly knife

This is the first time ive ever done this.  I think I could do better but this was just an experiment but over all I was pretty happy with the outcome but I want to play around some more with some other prints etc.

Find your design on the computer.

Get the right size, shape and then print it out onto a sheet of white plain paper.
I then trace the shape on to the stencil sheet with my sharpie and carefully cut it out with a stanly knife.  This is tricky especially if its a detailed design.  Realy think about this.  This where you need to cut BEFORE you cut.  Its kind if an inside out cut as its a stencil.

Once this is done its time to place it on your cushion cover.  I lightly sprayed the stencil with glue just to keep it in place while I paint it.  I also place a few strips of tape just to be sure.
Dab the fabric paint onto the stencil/cushion cover.
Leave the stencil on the cover for a few hours to dry completly.  Taking it off too soon could smudge the wet paint.

One off and all dry, I went around the shape with my black sharpie pen, just to define the outline of the shape and it looks more finished.

Like I said, I am realy happy with how it turned out.  I think I could do better but not bad for a first attempt, i think.


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