Friday, June 18, 2010

The humble Caravan!

Ok, so in an effort to take my mind off my poor mum I will Blog about our families latest little project...'Our humble little caravan'.  Yes, after much umm-ing and ahhhh-ing my husband and I decided to invest in a little caravan.
Our reasons are simple.  We want to enjoy life, not just drudge through each week.  We want to spend quality time with our kids.  Take off once every so often and enjoy this beautiful country of ours, even if its just a night or two over the weekend.
With the price of everything rising it is so hard to do this.  Even to book a cabin is quite expensive to do it on a regular basis.  This way now, we can keep the caravan stocked and ready to go at anytime.  It will only cost us the price of a tent site and we are inside with electricity and off the ground.
So, we hopped online and purchased an old 30 year old caravan.  We picked it up last month and my husband has had an absolute ball doing it up.  It is so, so cute and retro.  We have painted it all white on the inside and freshend it up.  He has built new doors and benches with off cuts from the timber place nad he has a brand new bar fridge at his office that noone wanted so that is going in it too.  what a bargain eh?  We also got a brandnew cheap but good microwave (yes, microwave LOL) that we are also putting in it.  Today my hubby is putting a new floor in it.
He has fixed the bed in it for both him and I and built brand new bunks in it for the kids.

 Considering we only paid $1500 for it, and the bare minimum doing it up we are quite happy with our new little holiday home on wheels.
My mum was to help me sew some geogouse vintage curtains this week for it but in light of what has just happened...that may have to wait a bit.  I am getting some nice fabric from you can see from the pic, this is what Ive chosen.  Im going to have to double back it as it has to block out light, so Im going to get a different but matching fabric to go on the other side...
We have tried to keep the vintage/retro feel of the caravan with making feel like new.  And I think it does.(Pretty close anyway). 
Im very exited about our first trip...mayby when it warms up a bit.  The school holidays start in a week and my husband wants to take little T away for a boys bonding night in it LOL...that should be fun.  They are both looking foward to it.
So...Here's to many a holiday in our humble little caravan!


  1. That's great! My hubby bought an old pop-top last year for $700 with the intention of doing the same thing. He hasn't started yet! It needs a lot of work. One day he'll do it.

  2. $700...what a bargain! Tell him to get onto it, im sure you will start going away for lots of holidays :P