Tuesday, June 29, 2010

oh, how I love thee scent of flowers...

 Since my mum has come out of hospital she has pretty much moved in with us untill she heals.  We have converted the kids playroom into a private room for her so everyone has their space.  My mum is healing very well.  It turns out it was actually worse than we first thought but the good news is, its healing quite fast.  She has had her jaw wired and is in alot of pain and the eating side of things is hard for her.  The poor love.
She has lots of visitors over the past week and with them has come flowers...lots of flowers.  She was placing them in her room at first but it then got too many, so now we are lucky enough to have our home filled to the brim with stunning fresh flowers.
We have the most amazing bunches...many my favorite, so although they are my mums flowers I am lucky to also get the joy of them.
The aroma of the jonquils is sensational.  We were out most of Saturday last weekend and when we arrived home our house smelt like a flourist.  jonquils are such a romantic and homely flower...They are so sweet.
We also have beautiful pink and white snap dragons that gracefully stand in our kitchen.  There is somthing about them that reminds me of my cute little nanna.  They are wimsical and homey.  I just adore them.

 Oh, and I cant forget the sweeping Orange and white Tulips. 
There are soo many others in amongst them but those just stand out to me.  So stunning and beautiful.
The weather has been chilly and the days quite dark, seeing my mum hasnt been well we've just been staying in doors and staying warm and the flowers have just brightened up these dark old winter days....Oh, how I love thee scent of flowers ♥♥♥


  1. Good to hear your mum is on the mend.
    Awesome flowers.

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