Monday, June 28, 2010

Winter has arrived! Its cooold!

Yes, thats right.  The shorts and summer dresses have been put away.  The heaters are out, the soups simmering on the stove and it's time to snuggle.
Now, generally I am a summer gal.  I Love the beach, being warm (yes, I feel the cold very much) and I hate bulky clothes...BUT, Ive found as Ive got older I am actually enjoying the cooler months.
Im enjoying snuggling up on the couch with my little family sharing a big oversized blanket watching a great movie with hot chocolates.
Im enjoying huddling around the backyard fire cooking marshmallows after eating a hot roast lamb and vege's.
Its fun travelling to the country with just my husband and staying in a cosy, cute little cabin and falling asleep in his arms in front of a roaring fire.
Oh...and the food!  I know, I know...fatty, hot, filling...but oh so tastey and comforting. (hey, summer is for working it all off *wink wink*)
I must admit, we live in Queensland and I agree that it isnt as cold as the other states but Im a sook.  For some strange reason this year does seem to be colder than normal eeek!
But I dont mind, for now its nice staying in...wearing my toasty jammies, and enjoying a nice warming glass of red.....mmmmmmm see ya!

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