Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Attempted sewing...

I have tried my hand at sewing a few times now.  Ive tried just simple ideas.  My mum was a massive sewer in the 80's and 90's but now not so much ( i think she may have overdone it and got sick of it LOL) So now, a 30 year old woman am attempting a scary sewing machine solo with my very limited knowledge that my mum told me over the years.  I actually realy suprised  myself.  I have sewn a few things for My Girls room...Cushions for bed, comforter etc as well as a few pillowcase dresses, however the other day I thought I would try my hand at hand sewing. ( I will give anything a go at least once)  I made cute lil' vintage yoyo's and sewed them onto a singlet, with green ribbon.  At the moment I also have a 'thing' for birds, birdcages (all that cute whimsical stuff)  and so I thought I would just give a felt bird a go...Didnt think it would look that good but it actualy isnt too bad.  Quite proud.  I might give it a few more goes.  Not bad, a few cute tops For Miss M, this summer to go with her summer skirts and shorts.

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