Tuesday, December 1, 2009

my fruit and veg garden has been ressurected.

Ok so last summer I got all healthy and wanted to go all free range, organic, natural rarara! So hubby and I built a vege garden. It was so much fun. I planted lots...however over winter (plus my lack of knowlege about a veg/herb garden) It kinda fell (or should I say died) away. This summer Im getting seriouse about it. I googled and asked my lovely friends on the simple savings forum ( for tips and and ideas on how to keep my little outdoor supermarket alive!
Last weekend My husband and I mulched cow poo, redug soil and replanted seedlings. We then watered seasol in and covered it all with sugercain mulch...all looking a little better. I didnt relise my food needed their own food (DUH).
So I am outside everyday babying my little garden now...I WANT TO MAKE IT WORK! There is nothing like chomping into a fresh salad picked fresh for lunch or serving your kids freshly picked carrot sticks for afternoon tea. Or strawberries with yoghurt for dessert. MMMMMMM....

So far I have Tomatoes, capsicum, lemon grass, zuccini, strawberries, celery, flat leaf parsley, birdseye chili, lettuce, basil, corriander, Rosemary, sweet potato, rocket, beetroot, garlic chives.

The days have been HOT here getting up past 30 degrees so I need to water very often. I will update as we go.

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