Thursday, December 10, 2009

sew cute!

Here are latest creations for Miss Mimi...

I got the sewing machine out again for these 2.  The white singlet i did a little whimsical bird in beautiful floral print.  I sewed on a little button for an eye.

For my other one I had my inspiration from a skirt miss mimi had.  I was having trouble finding the perfect top to go with it.  I trolled through my box of fabric and found simular colours and patterns etc.  I then cut 8 circles in differing fabric.  Matched 2 together, and then sewed them together.  I did the same with the remaining circles.  I was then left with 4 circles with 2 different sides. I then sewed one circle on to the singlet tucking the bottom of the circle in to form a V..or a petal shape.  I sewed the remaining circles on.  I then completed it with a little yellow button for a centre.
What do you think?

For the next 2 pics please excuse the side view.  Im having issues with my computer at the moment.  Im tying to get it sorted, sorry!

The beautiful skirt that inspired me.♥
My next project is a few summer tops for Mr T.  Im wanting to do a few little dinosaurs, planes, aliens and surfboards in boyish retro fabrics.  Will post them up when I get around to doing them.

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