Thursday, December 10, 2009

Oink Oink we are, second last day of year one for Miss Mimi (that went too fast)...It was a massive breakup party (as all parties full of 6 year olds are). 
Miss Mimi and I decided to do some baking...we make cupcakes...piggy Cupcakes.  It was alot of fun, and  suprisingly easy.
We just baked simple tea cake cupcakes (in pink cups of course).  Next, once cooled we covered each cupcake in pink frosting, cut a pink marshmellow diagonally for ears...we then dipped the cut edge of the marshmellow into pink bakers sugar.  next we used MM's for eyes,  1/4 cut off the bottom of another marshmellow for the nose.  Then we used 2 little choc chips for nostrils.  Hey presto...piggy's. 
You should have seen the kids faces light up when Miss Mimi walked into class this morning...even the teachers faced looked excited.  I wonder how she felt about 2 o'clock this afternoon once a class full of kids were yippeed up on their sugar fix, heehee. 
Anyway, all was good.  Miss Mimi came home so happy from a super fun day. 

Tomorrow is the last day of year one.  Im a little sad but so, so proud of my little Princess.  Time flies...She is growing up so fast and is growing more and more into a beautiful person each day.

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