Saturday, December 19, 2009

ScHoOl HoLiDaYs...YAY!

Yep, its that time of year again, I LOVE this time of year.  No more getting up early, rushing to make breakfast, lunches, doing hair, looking for that lost shoe that Miss Mimi lost somewhere in that Pit of toys she calls her room.
Yes, we can take it a little easier.  Staying home, making things, swimming, having friends over to visit and daddy home too (my favorite).
Last week we finally had a rainy day, It was so nice as the weather here has been soooo hot.

The rain came was so good for my plants.
We stayed home as the rain poured outside, and we made Playdough.  I will post the recipe we used when I have a bit more time.  It kept the kids busy for quite some time.  Whichh was a bonus.  It was messy but so much fun.

Miss Mimi made a Piggy and T made a shell.

Some sort of playdough cake thingy they made, mmmmmm. LOL.
It was a realy nice day.  I have 5 more weeks left of holidays at home with the kids and Im realy looking foward to it.
So....untill later, Ciao Bellas!♥

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