Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have been so inspired over the last few days to get back to baking and I love it so, so much however halfway through December 2009 my oven (my 6 month old oven, mind you) decided to just simply stop working.  I thought all would be sorted by now, but 3 months on...we're still waiting *sigh*...I have been dying to cook some yummies for the kids lunches and yummy afternoon teas for hubby,New recipes are piling up in my cuboard for delishous dinners but....Im still waiting. 
Without going into it, I have had never ending dramas from the manfacturer. After a loooooong, drawn out saga...with all fingers, toes and knees crossed, a branspankn' new oven should be here in two weeks.
WOOPWOOP!! lets see if they actually carry out on their word *sigh* 
 I need to Bake, I really do!

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