Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wine Glorious wine...♥♥♥

Now...I like wine....but Let me Clarify that.  It must be good wine.  None of that cheap garbage that you pour from a cardboard box.
It has to be good quality and taste good with less preservative as possable.  That way you wake up feelimg much better and you dont get that icky feeling afterwards.  Of course all good things come in moderation, and enjoyed with good food.

The reason for this Post is that my hubby had to go out tonight to see a friend so I cooked a delish dinner, put the kids to bed and cracked open a botle of red....mmmmm, and 2 glasses later here I am writing this Blog...LOL.  No I must say, I never over drink....I just enjoy. 
All Im missing is my time i will invite them LOL.

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