Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Natural High!

WOW!  What a great start to the day I had.  After having my poached eggs on spelt and coffe for breakfast then rushing my rug rats out the door, I decided to hit the gym.  Im not sure if you remember, but a few months back I promised myself to lose weight and start feeling good (physically & emotionally).  Well, I had a slight hitch in the middle but I am glad to say that I am back on track.  I have been eating SOOO good, even Im quite proud of me LOL. 
So, this morning I got my Jogging shoes on headed to the gym and did a 60min fast pase walk on the treadmil doing the aerobic setting.  Up and down hills.  It was great.  It has realy kickstarted my exercise off, and I think Im back!
I am feeling as though I am losing weight....My muffin top is slowly dissapearing WOOHOO!  (still there but slightly).  I will weight myself first thing in the morning to see what I am.

Exercise is a truly amazing thing.
I find Pilates/Body Balance great for calming not only the body but for the mind as well as slowing down my thought process and re-grouping.  I also find from a physical aspect it is great for re-alining the body and keeping flexability...we dont want to all feel like old people do we??  Its keeping my body well oiled.  A wonderful, wonderful class.

Pump is a great class for strength and muscle toning.  I like this class alot as it shapes your body in a fabulouse way. 

Spin class...hate it or love it!  I Love it.  I used to hate it LOL.  NOT FOR THE FEINT HEARTED!  After sticking it out and getting over my initial UGH!  I could see I was starting to build up a stamina for it.  My physical/emotional strengths are defintly pushed to the limits in this class and I often yell, scream and almost pass out...but it is fantastic.  After all, whats 45 mins out of my day?  At the end of it all, I feel fantastic, I look a little better (well...I tell myself that anyway heehee)  and it assist in losing those few extra kg's.

Then there is doing your own thing...which was what I did today.  Usually when I do this I Do 30 mins hard on the treadmill then 20mins doing pin weights and 10-15 mins stretching and sits ups etc.

I love working out.  Some days I hate it as I find it sooo hard getting the motivation and mind behind it.  Especially if I am having a bad day, feeling tired, emotionally drained or just plain lazy.
When I kick my butt into gear and go, I ALWAYS feel better for doing it.  It lifts my spirits and is a fantastic mood booster.  It has helped amazingly with my depression.
Exercise mixed with healthy eating is a fantastic recipe for good health!

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