Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Julie & Julia...The inspiration...

Has anyone seen this movie??
Now...before I start todays post...let me just begin with apologies for not writing sooner.  Ive had a crazy crazy busy few weeks with Miss Mimi starting year two and Mr T starting his first day of Prep (a blog for another day :-D ) Also, I have had my sick mum staying with us which has been...well, exhausting.  ( but I love her to death).
So, now life is starting to settle down a little after all this and the school holidays.  I also have the dreaded "time of the month" this week and I am feeling drained, emotional, sore, exhausted and tired.  Today I decided as it is a rainey ol' day to get a few 'chic flicks', lock the front door, light my 'Ecoya French Pear' candle and have a much needed 'me' day.
SO...that brings me back to the movie 'Julie and Julia'.  Again, I ask 'has anyone seen this?'   All I can say is I AM VERY INSPIRED!  For two reasons...
1. It has got me all excited about Blogging was so fun listening to all her blogging. I think what Julia did is somthing that would be very fun.  For those of you who havnt seen the movie Julia decides to write a blog using Julie child's cookbook as her inspiration. 
What I love about this is that Julia did what she loved...writing!... mixed with her other love cooking.  Combining her two loves actually made her happy and got her what she wanted in life.  So inspiring.  The key what you want, enjoy what you do.♥
I want to cook, take cooking lessons, cook up a storm...cook, cook, cook!  I love it.
I know this movie is a girly chic flick but it was such a fun little inspiring movie.
Before this movie I didnt relise that Julie Child was a real cook ( I know...Im still learning LOL) and she has real cookbooks.  Her food sounds a little fattening and heart attack material (appently she likes butter...lots of butter) but it would be fun to use her recipes for a dinner party etc.
On the flip side, when i hear about Julia's blogging, sometimes I feel like she did when she says "does anyone listen?" and " sometimes it feels like your just writing to a big black hole" but regardless, we keep doing it.  It is a challenge and gives yourself somthing to plan and give yourself small short trm goals.  I know Im not exactly going what Julia did but it is food for thought (excuse the pun LOL).
Watching this movie made me relise my love for food...not just any food...good, well prepared food.  I love venturing to markets and picking out massave bunches of herbs, looking trough bakeries for different and unique types of breads, going to deli's and picking out stuffed Olives, roasted capsicums and marinated well as the unique european meats that are so lovingly prepared. picking out fresh handmade organic chocolate.   Mixing together fresh vine ripened tomatos that were grown in my back yard with olive oils and garlic and somehow adding all these things together and creating a tastey, delishous and filling, nutritious meal.(oh, and dont forget the wine ♥ LOL)  OOOOH man, I feel like cooking......Food made right, and in the right portions should be enjoyed!
Honestly, I can reccomend this movie to anyone as it is a happy movie.  I love the 1940-50's french feel it has!...if you havnt seen it, you gotta!!

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