Sunday, February 21, 2010

Vineger...the wonder liquid!

Does anyone know just how amazing this liquid is? 
Think about it...
you can cook with it
Clean with it
deoderise with it
rinse your hair with it
Use it as a softner for your clothes
Use it for colds and flu's
wash your windows
Use it on your pets
Use it on your skin for bites/acne etc
Relief for sunburn......
Oh I could just go on and on and on!  Honestly, it is the most amazing liquid AND it's all nasties.
I was curiouse as to just what vinegar could do and how many uses it has, so I googled it.  This little book kept getting mentioned in everything I read.  This book is an absolute life saver to me.  It's called "The vinegar book...Great uses for vinegar" There you will find hundreds and hundreds of uses for vinegar.  If you havnt yet had a look at it, you must!   Go google it now.
 I find if I have a problem with something I go there and look it up.  I will always find an answer. 
Vinegar...the elixir to life!
(p.s~I wasnt paid to endorse this book at all...I just think it is amazing ;-D )

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