Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I wanna go on MkR

Yes...that right, I wanna go on My kitchen rules!!
I Love that show.  I dont think I can cook amazingly like them but, I love to cook and im sure I can learn LOL...Im so inspired by them.  The food, the recipes, the presentation...everything!  I love it.
Also, I have an UPDATE with my broken oven.  After 3 months of diplomatic rage (is there such a thing??) I "finally" got my oven (which was only a few months old).  So that as well as the show MkR Im sooo back with cooking.  Yesterday I cooked up a storm making a kitchen full of scrolls....bacon, cheese and bbq scrolls, chocolate & wallnut scrolls, peanut butter & mapel scrolls...I only had an after noon so i wanted to make other stuff but ran out of time.
But...this is just the begining.
My hubby and I are so loving this show that even he (yes, husband who considers a night off cooking for me is vegemite on toast LOL) he said " we should host a dinner party" I laughed and said, "well hun,  for me to do this I would need YOU to help me, not just sit and drink beer with the guest all night while I do all the work...Notice these people work as a TEAM" he goes "yeah...I could do that"
I might just take him up on that...he may even learn a thing or two LOL.
So, watch this the next month or so I think we will be hosting a dinner party!  I CANT WAIT!!!! Ive wanted to do this for YEARS!

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