Sunday, March 14, 2010

Latest Creation. 'Little birdy' wall Canvas .

Today I have created a new post showing my latest lttle creation...a new vintage inspired wall hanging.
As Ive mentioned many times I love vintage inspired items, I love whimsical little unique pieces and birds...tiny little finchy type, They are sooo cute.
Anyway, I had a wall im my lounge room that was just bare and lacking personality.  I went and purchased a canvas from a discount store, the sort that has a fat frame.

I painted the canvas in the colour that suits my colour scheme in my home.  I chose Green Balm 3 From Nippon paint,
I purchased a sample pot from Bunnings, which was more than enough for my canvas.
I simply just rolled on the paint...2 coats.
Once it was dry I placed a wall sticker onto the canvas.  Birdys....of course!
As you can see from the pic it is a silhouette of a tree branch, with 2 little finches in amongs it.
I was quite proud of the end result.  Very happy and has filled that lonley little wall in my lounge room and cost next to nothing for my beautiful artwork.

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