Thursday, March 11, 2010

My husband has a Stomach Ulcer!

This Post is in honour of my gourgeouse husband.  I know the whole idea of my blog is to blog things that make me happy but i have to blog this as im a little sad.
For several years now my husband had had awful pain in his stomach with vomiting etc and no explanation for it.  He was told about a year ago that he had gall stones...soooo, he had his gall bladder out.
Not long after the pain and vomiting etc returned.
Anyway, enough is enough so today he booked in for a endoscopy.  We were told that he has got several stomach ulcers     :-(
The poor thing.  My heart is breaking right now.  I know it is managable, i know we will be ok and i know it can better but he is sad...which makes me sad.
Im on a mission now to find out what foods he can have (stay tuned for recipes) and what things I can do to make his life less stressed.
I love my husband so, so much and he IS my world.  He is truly the most amazing man.  Im so lucky to have him in my life.
I want to make it better, I want to fix it :'-(


  1. Awww that sucks...

    But, you're doing the right thing!! Can it also be controlled with medication?

    Sucks he had to go through getting his gall bladder out. I did that at the end of last year, and I am 25 an had trouble recovering...

    Wishing you the best :)

  2. Thanks swayerm...yeah, it does suck! But the more we research it and talk about it, I think we can overcome it. My hubby is only 36, so Im a little suprised he has this...I always thought it was more older people like in their 50's-6o's that got this sort of thing...I guess not.
    We usually eat pretty good most of the time so it a bit strange.
    He is on meds, so praying that it helps. I dont think he could handle another all nighter with stomch cramps and vomiting...and ending up in the ER.
    Thanks again, your thoughts mean alot.